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Friday, February 01, 2013


Iggy Pop & James Williamson - Kill City

Well, my attention deficit disorder is kicking in & I’m getting tired of this alphabet nonsense. I though it would help me organize my thoughts & determine my choices for posting musick. Now I’m getting bored with the procedure. So today I’m hitting the next three letters all at once...I-ggy Pop, J-ames (Sonny Boy) Williamson, & K-ill City.

After the second break-up of The Stooges (the first break-up & reformation added Williamson to The Stooges as Ron Asheton moved from guitar to bass & Dave Alexander moved from alcoholic to dead) Iggy & Sonny Boy recorded Kill City. This disc is somewhere in the no-mans land between The Stooges & Iggy’s solo career. Although maligned by many (mostly for its less than stellar production values), this is by far my favorite post-Stooges work by Mr. Pop (& really damn good considering Iggy was in drug rehab at the time).

Released in 1977 by Bomp Records. All tunes written by Iggy Pop & James Williamson except “Master Charge” by James Williamson & Scott Thurston, with Scott ‘Troy’ Thurston (keyboard & electric piano player for The Stooges after Raw Power) & Tin Machinists Tony & Hunt Sales (Soupy boys). Players on this album are: Iggy Pop - vocals; James Williamson - guitar; Scott Thurston - keyboards, bass, backing vocals, special effects, & harmonica; Brian Glasscock - drums, congas, African beaters, backing vocals, & guiro; Steve Tranio - bass; Tony Sales - backing vocals & bass; Hunt Sales - backing vocals & drums; John Harden - saxophone; & Gayna (from the Count Dracula Society) - backing vocals on “Night Theme”.

Year of Release: 1977
Label: Bomp Records BLP-4001
Genre: Garage rock, protopunk

Side 1 -
Kill City
Sell Your Love
Beyond the Law
I Got Nothin’
Night Theme
Side 2 -
Night Theme (reprise)
Consolation Prizes
No Sense of Crime
Lucky Monkeys
Master Charge
(there are no breaks between tracks 1&2, 4&5 side 2 so I have included the split & merged tracks for you personal choice)

Download: Iggy Pop & James Williamson - Kill City
Download Size: 102MB (ripped from emerald green vinyl at 320Kbps)


kingpossum said...

I've always loved this album too, and for me it's a toss-up between this and Zombie Birdhouse for my favorite post-Stooges release by the Igster.

Shame on Rhino or whomever owns the rights for failing to release this on CD with the original cover art. The lame photo of Iggy and James on the official CD version is ridiculous.


To kingpossum,
You & I are definitely on the same page. Zombie Birdhouse is my other favorite post-Stooges Iggy & your thoughts on the cover art are spot on, as the David Allen original cover is classic. Thanks for commenting.

wytchcroft said...

it's a great album, killer songs - and when did production values matter where the Igg was concerned?

zombie birdhouse is pretty choice, true but i'd hate to pick between that New Values or The Idiot.

Anonymous said...

New Values for the lyrics -- "I wish life could be/Swedish magazines" is Iggy's embodiment of Lester Bangs' observation that Iggy didn't want to be a punk, he wanted to be a man -- but this one for the songs. Although now that I think about it, I think this is really a James Williamson record.


to Festoonic,
I said in my write-up this falls in the no-mans land between the Stooges & Iggy's solo career. Nothing wrong with a Sonny Boy album as far as I'm concerned. Thanks for the comment.

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