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Friday, February 01, 2013

Prince Jammy - Destroys the Invaders (1982 - 320kbps)

Even if you are a truly hardcore sci-fi fan, here’s one you probably never saw, 1982 released Destroys the Invaders. Fact is, it’s just a mind-movie, but this here is the OST. Before becoming a King himself, while still a princeling under the tutelage of the true King Tubby, Lloyd James aka Prince Jammy created this soundtrack. Scientist & others at Adrian Sherwood’s On-U Sound had already done sci-fi themed albums. But Destroys the Invaders is Jammy at his finest. Before ruling the modern dancehall, Jammy dubbed it up here with the rock-solid Roots Radics rhythm section. You want strange alien encounters or all-out battles in outer space, well you’ve come to the right place. The great cover art is by Tony McDermott

Year of Release: 1982
Label: Greensleeves Records GREL 29
Genre: Dub, reggae


Side A:
1. Conspiracy on Neptune
2. Martian Encounter
3. Saturn Bombardment
4. Attack on Ganymede

Side B:
1. War in the Asteroid Belt
2. The Great Red Spot
3. Life on Uranus
4. Final Destruction

Download: Prince Jammy - Destroys the Invaders
Download Size: 79.8MB (ripped at 320Kbps)


BCR said...

a classic, thanx for sharing!

footprint said...

i'll second that! have had it on vinyl for years. worn it wafer thin nearly by now. nice one guys. incredible site!

Anonymous said...

the link says it does not exist anymore


to Anonymous,
the link is repaired.
thanks for letting me know.

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