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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

River City Rebels "Hate to be Loved"

Hello again folks. Sorry for too long break. But now I am back in buisness. Here something very intresting. RCR are known like a '77 Oi Punk band. But this album is absolutely different. Its a pure teenage rock, with great catcthy tunes, pure rock'n'roll like it must be. As for me, I'm not a big fan of punk, and this album much closer to rock neither to punk sound, and that the reason I like it. Just listen to the "No Easy Way Out" . This melody you will sing all day long, it will stuck in your head for long time. There is also a blusey tunes here, and some fast songs with glam rock accent. Just wacth some videos of this band at youtube , and you will see this guys got a great style and taste in fashion, and great sense of humor too.

However their latest effort Hate To Be Loved is quite interesting in that it finds the band channelling the New York Dolls and Dictators rather than The Clash. Strangely enough the River City Rebels sound far more comfortable in this skin than their prior one. Bopper's snotty, often high-pitched, vocals are a better fit for sleazy glam than they are guttural shout-along street punk. Just compare the scathing "Hurt Like I Do" to "Dreamy 17" for an on-disc example. Not that the moments when the Rebels lapse into their past songwriting styles are of lesser quality, far from it, but the band's current direction has far more character and is just simply more interesting... ...The album opening "Hurt Like I Do" forgoes the usual bombastic lead track and instead starts things off with a slow building, vulnerable rock song. The glam influences and the Rebels' ever present knack for a good chorus shine through on "I'm So Vain" and "No Easy Way Out." There's a blues swagger that runs through the record, emerging rather viciously in "Die Young" and in a more jovial way in "Her New Man." If recording under Sylvain and band's current image doesn't drive the point home, there's even a cover of Otis Redding's "Don't Mess With Cupid," also famously covered by... you guessed it..." punknews.org

Year of Release: 2004
Genre: Rock, Glam, Punk

Track List:
1. Hurt Like I Do
2. Cloudy Times
3. Hate To Be Loved
4. I'm So Vain
5. No Easy Way Out
6. Dreamy 17
7. Don't Mess With Cupid
8. Die Young
9. I Wilt
10. Glitter And Gold
11. Her New Man
12. Bloody April

Download: hate to be loved
Download size: 54 mb


Unknown said...

Just found your blog...cool stuff.

RCR deserve way more credit than they get.

Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I think there's something wrong with the upload...and I think that's a pity cause I wanna have this one...could you re-up this one? or am I just too stupid?

Fill said...

I just got chek it. Links works fine.
Its a three links there. If you got a problem with one just choose another.
As for me , I prefer a Badongo , there no time limits there , and it got a good download speed

Dgrador said...

Ummm the rar needs a pw...