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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Bauhaus - Rest In Peace (Live)

More Bauhaus goodness for you! This one is the two disc set entitled Rest In Peace and was billed as the bands final performance, recorded at the Hammesmith Palais. Lucky for us, they reformed years later and those of us who had always dreamt of seeing this legendary group perform got a few more chances.

From the liner notes: "The evening of Tuesday 5th July 1983 was to be the end of one of England's most exciting live bands. As soon as they started the encore, playing songs that weren't on the set list, I knew the suspicions of the road crew were proved to be true. This was to be the bands last gig...""This recording is ust as it was taped from from the desk with no editing or remixing, which you can tell as the sound quality does improve over the first few numbers. The only technical thing done was a de-hissing process which improves the reproduction a little. Satori is the studio recorded version taken from the actual cassette recording used to introduce the show."

The most exciting part of this whole recording for me is most definitely the inclusion of "In Heaven" written by Peter Ivers and included in David Lynch's film Eraserhead.

Year of Release: 1992
Label: NEMO Records
Genre: goth

Disc: 1
1. (Introduction) Satori
2. Burning From The Inside
3. In Fear Of Fear
4. Terror Couple Kill Colonel
5. The Spy In The Cab
6. Kingdom's Coming
7. She's In Parties
8. Antonin Artaud
9. King Volcano
10. Passion Of Lovers
11. Slice Of Life
12. In Heaven
13. Dancing
14. Hallow Hills
15. Stigmata Martyr
16. Kick In The Eye
17. Dark Entries
18. Double Dare
19. In The Flat Field
20. Boys
21. God In An Aclove
22. Hair Of The Dog
23. Bela Lugosi's Dead

Disc: 2
1. Double Dare
2. In the Flat Field
3. Boys - Bauhaus, Ash, Daniel
4. God in an Alcove - Bauhaus, Ash, Daniel
5. Hair of the Dog
6. Bela Lugosi's Dead

Download: Bauhaus - Rest In Peace 2nd edition 1992
Download size: 85 MB total two zip files


Anonymous said...

I was lucky enough to pick this up for $2 in one of the bargin bins at a record shop a couple of years back. Nice CD.

Anonymous said...

cool album, curious as to its sound quality, thanks very much... loafer