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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Agent Orange - Living In Darkness

Agent Orange (they came from Orange County) weren't punk, weren't metal, and weren't surf revival. Yet they had bleak near-metal outlook and riffage a bit above punk's two chord grind, speed like punk and attitude & angst like punks, and they dug classic surf instrumentals. This is Underground at its best. Agent Orange, for all the bleakness of their lyrics, were much lighter than other bands of the Hardcore Punk scene (that's the genre they were lumped in with, but like I said, they weren't punk). They had a typical dude persona that was covered by the anger of their singer/guitarist Mike Palm's songs.

Living In Darkness was originally an EP (tracks 2-9 on the curent CD). In '92, it was released with new tracks (some of them from the 1979 sessions that earned them their contract). "Bloodstains," with Mike's anger, its simple chaotic riff and the dread-surf solo made it a fine opener. "Everything Turns Grey" is classic punk style stuff with a quick, simple yet effective rapidfire solo by Mike. "No Such Thing" has an awesome metal riff (people need to hear this, its a heavy like Metallica riff), and "America" is classic "Americanan is gay" sentiment. Living In Darkness has three surf instrumentals from the sixties also. All are done with righteous agression and driving force. The songs are "Miserlou" by Dick Dale, "Pipeline" by The Chantays, and "Mr. Moto" by The Bel-Airs. A radio interview is also included. The boys sound like Average Joes on weed. Classic. (Year of Release: 1981)

Track List:
1. Bloodstains (Original Version)
2. Too Young To Die
3. Everything Turns Grey
4. Miserlou
5. The Last Goodbye
6. No Such Thing
7. A Cry For Help In A World Gone Mad
8. Bloodstains (Darkness Version)
9. Living In Darkness
10. Pipeline
11. Breakdown
12. Mr. Moto
13. America
14. Bored Of You
15. El Dorado
16. Interview 1981

Download Agent Orange - Living In Darkness (61.3 MB)


Robert.Johnsson said...

Brilliant ThX :)

I have been looking for this release for ages !


Zer0_II said...

No problem.. Thanks for checking out my blog also. I've been following yours for a while now and you are one of the people who inspired me to start my own blog.

Robert.Johnsson said...

Well...I started out in April (2006), when i had some serious problem trying to create a LoginName for blogger.

I ended up with creating a blog instead, and i think i posted 10 albums within a day..and now it just grows on me.

Keep it up, though it can be somehow irritating when there is NO response, but over 200 downloads for an album!


Anonymous said...

I second he kudos. Been looking for this complete release a long time myself. Thanks for all your work!

Electorrr said...

Thanks, I absolutely love Man Is Astroman, so Im gonna give this a try