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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rolling Stones - Exile On Main Street

It's hard to say that The Stones ever had a real peak. They had so many great albums for so long. I offer this one here for your listening pleasure simply because it's not the most popular but still probably in the top three or so, in my opinion. Just a great rock and roll record and recorded during a period when the band was really on a high (creatively as well as physically). Originally it was released as a double album and is kind of a mish mash of stuff recorded over a period of two or three years. The band was deep in their heroin phase by the time a lot of this was going on and they were hanging with the like of William Burroughs and, I think, the Warhol crowd somewhat. At any rate, this is back to back great southern inspired raunchy rock and it deserves to played loud from beginning to end. It's also probably the only classic rock album with the word "turd" in a song title. Also, feel free to indulge in whatever you indulge in (as long as you don't kill yourself in the process) while rockin' out to this one. Follow these simple steps and I assure you'll find out why this is always ranked very high on the list of greatest albums of all time.

Track List:
1. Rocks Off
2. Rip This Joint
3. Shake Your Hips
4. Casino Boogie
5. Tumbling Dice
6. Sweet Virginia
7. Torn And Frayed
8. Sweet Black Angel
9. Loving Cup
10. Happy
11. Turd On The Run
12. Ventilator Blues
13. I Just Want To See His Face
14. Let It Loose
15. All Down The Line
16. Stop Breaking Down
17. Shine A Light
18 Soul Survivor

Download: Rolling Stones - Exile On Main Street


Anonymous said...

I already own this album but I just wanted to comment. I recall finding this in my Dad's collection and giggling over the track, "Turd on the Run." Little did I know this would end up being a legendary album. Probably my 3rd favorite Stones' release though behind Let It Bleed and Beggar's Banquest. Good stuff though. :)

whiteray said...

I've long thought that the stretch of albums released by the Stones from 1968 through 1972 -- "Beggar's Banquet," "Let It Bleed," "Get Your Ya-Yas Out," "Sticky Fingers" and "Exile" is the best stretch of albums any band ever had. And coming from someone who came to rock/pop via the Beatles, that's quite an admission. Great share!

Anonymous said...

This one grows on you. Sticky Fingers was my fav, but I kept listening to this and it has really grown on me. Listen to "Loving Cup" and it will change your life!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, if you could get a good HIGH QUALITY version of Pussy Galore's cover on, I would love you forever (not that I don't already for this wonderful blog)!