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Saturday, April 05, 2008

Terry - Rojvi LP

I had originally planned on posting some material by contemporary composer Igor Stravinsky, however Sharebee is giving me trouble. Instead I've decided to offer up this obscurity that was posted over at Mutant Sounds. If you haven't had a chance to check out Mutant Sounds be sure to do so. There's plenty of great stuff to be found there.

This loner acid folk-into psych curio came down the collector pike along with a companion piece by Jim Collins And The High Mass (which I'll include with my next batch of posts), both of 'em sans any pertinent info whatsoever. I've yet to find anyone online or elsewhere that seems to have the real scoop on these releases; the timelessly odd nature of their contents rendering a clear "read" on it's cultural context difficult. it might be new material. It might be newly released archival material. Or it might be that a cache of old copies were found and spread through the collector network (Chris Freeman at Fusetron guesses that these date from the early 90's). An uneven but sometimes hair-raising record, the true depths of this album eluded me at first, as the rather prosaic nature of the singer/songwriter structures that initially hem in these tracks suggest little of the creeping weirdity that leaks (and later spills) into his compositions as the album progresses and the plot thickens. "Clown Clouds" and "What A Day" (the two best and longest cuts here...roughly half the album) find introspective acid folk themes thrumming and cycling before being subsumed under gossamer residues of protoplasmic/ placental psychotropic space gloop on the former and resounding organ drones, fore-grounded rhythmic perambulations and electronic treatments swaddling Terry's escalating gruff vocal histrionics on the latter to supremely memorable ends. It's an insular, brooding and sometimes ponderous sound world that Terry engenders here and it's not always one that's 100% inviting, but the hot shit half will send your head spinning nevertheless. - mutantsounds
(Year of Release: Unknown)

Track List:
1. Feel It Coming On
2. Born In A Hole
3. Clown Clouds
4. Watch The Man
5. What A Day
6. Harvest Time
7. Let Me See You Smile

Download: Terry - Rojvi (69MB)


Anonymous said...

i read about this in mutant sounds and have been trying to track it down since. could you re-up this? i can't download it. thanks for the awesome site!

Shrewy said...

Would love to hear this- I got all jacked up and have nowhere to go!

Anonymous said...

awwwwww, file knot found! reup this so that we may freak out on it! thanks friend!

LeeBx said...

great great record.

anyone know anything about this one? i'm stumped!: