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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Alien Sex Fiend - Acid Bath

A product of Britain's early-1980s gothic punk movement, Alien Sex Fiend was led by the Nick Wade, better known as Nik Fiend. A staple of the London scene, he made his recording debut under the name Demon Preacher. Several short-lived projects followed before he formed Alien Sex Fiend in 1982 with wife and synth player Christine (Mrs. Fiend), guitarist Yaxi Highrizer, and drummer Johnny "Ha Ha" Freshwater. Mixing the theatrical antics of Alice Cooper with the menacing synthesizer pulse of Suicide, Alien Sex Fiend debuted with the single Ignore the Machine, and would soon follow it up with the full-length Who's Been Sleeping in My Brain? in 1983. A series of indie-chart hits followed in 1984. The success of the album Acid Bath further increased the group's visibility, and in Japan, Alien Sex Fiend became major stars, resulting in the 1985 live release Liquid Head in Tokyo. Following the departure of Johnny Ha-Ha, the group continued as a trio to record 1985's bleak Maximum Security. The Fiends explored more synth and sample-oriented territory on 1988's Another Planet, a trend continued on 1990's Curse. With a revitalized line-up, Alien Sex Fiend resurfaced in 1992 with Open Head Surgery. With the release of the compilation The Singles 1983-1995, the band's affiliation with longtime label Anagram ended, and the Fiends soon established their own 13th Moon Records imprint. With the release of the trance-influenced 1996 EP Evolution, Alien Sex Fiend traveled even further away from their Goth beginnings into the realm of electronica, a move continued on 1997's Nocturnal Emissions.

Acid Bath is arguably ASF's strongest effort to date, and accurately displays the various styles that they have experimented with over the years. It was originally released on vinyl in 1984, and re-issued as a CD with three extra bonus tracks in 1988. The opening track "In God We Trust" starts up the album with the bands usual absurdity of surreal lyrics delivered by bizarre vocals over a dense electronic and sampled soundscape. "Dead and Re-Buried" is a quirky and energetic remix of the ASF classic. She's a Killer is easily Alien Sex Fiends darkest and most haunting tracks, opening with some rather bizarre samples blended with unnerving synth lines. Break Down and Cry is quite a dark piece which greatly differs from most of ASF's silly supernatural themes. It is comprised of very creative use of samples and synthesisers to create an ever evolving yet consistent soundscape, this is all topped off with one of Nik Fiend's most convincing vocal performances. Attack !!!!!! #2 throws in some of ASF's trademark madness to break up the albums bleak atmosphere with grinding guitars, snappy drumming and manic vocals. If you're a fan of the gothic or death rock genres, or just strange music in general, you'll want to give Acid Bath a listen
(Year of Release: 1988)

Track List:
1. In God We Trust (In Cars We Rost?)
2. Dead and Re-Buried
3. She's a Killer
4. Hee-Haw (Here Come the Bone People)
5. Smoke My Bones
6. Breakdown and Cry (Lay Down and Die - Goodbye)
7. E. S. T. (Trip to the Moon)
8. Attack !!!!!! #2
9. Boneshaker Baby
10. I Am a Product (Live)
11. 30 Second Coma

Download: Alien Sex Fiend - Acid Bath (75.3MB)


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