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Thursday, December 06, 2007

Skrewdriver - All Skrewed Up

Although Skrewdriver would eventually make themselves infamous by associating themselves and their music with the Neo-Nazi movement, at one time they were putting out quality punk rock without any racist lyrics. The original Skrewdriver line-up were the bridge between the blues-rock bands of the 60's such as the Rolling Stones and The Who, and their 70's punk rock counterparts. "All Skrewed Up" effectively combines the maximum R&B of "The Who Sings My Generation" by The Who and the minimalist speed of the Ramones "Leave Home". However, because of Skrewdriver's later LPs like "What Rider" and "Blood & Honour" which marked the band's descent into racism, most punk experts will gladly ignore this incredible 77 effort. "All Skrewed Up" was released at nearly exactly the same time as Nevermind the Bollocks by the Sex Pistols, but because the Pistols were being hyped the media, All Skrewed Up went largely unnoticed. All Skrewed Up was one of the best UK punk LPs of 1977, yet unfortunately because of what Ian Stuart turned the band into. you will not see "All Skrewed Up" on most favorites lists.
(Year of Release: 1977)

Track List:
1. Where's It Gonna End
2. Government Action
3. Backstreet Kids
4. Gotta Be Young
5. I Don't Need Your Love
6. I Don't Like You
7. An-ti-so-cial
8. (Too Much) Confusion
9. 9 till 5
10. Jailbait
11. We Don't Pose
12. The Only One
13. Won't Get Fooled Again

Download: Skrewdriver - All Skrewed Up (44.4MB)


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for this upload !

- Just upgrading my old poor quality copy of the record...

Zer0_II said...

Always happy to save your vinyl :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this Upload! I thought I would never hear this record. I loved their two tracks on the Chiswick '77 Comp LP (posted over at TWILIGHTZONE Blog). It's a bummer they chose to support the Neo-Nazi movement...this is really cool punk rock! CHEERS!

hdvns said...

A classic, sadly lumped in with their later neo-nazism. "Where's It Gonna End" is top-notch rock. This was issued in both 33rpm and 45rpm and with different colored sleeves. I've never seen 33, tho'.

Anonymous said...

Forget about the neo Nazi shite that they became ... this is still a great slice of _real_ punk from the early days

I ain't no nazi just in case you were wondering, just remember them from the early days when I was unaware of their nasty political leanings

Anonymous said...

This band is too good. When I was in high school I once broke one of their records at a record store and got banished from the store for life (I guess it was my stand against racism)...

I know this isn't pc, but their racist records are actually better, especially blood and honour. If you can get past the lyrics, which are pretty subtle in their racism and often laughably dated (going on and on about communism like a rambo movie), the songs are top notch. My hispanic wife - green day is as punk as she gets - even loves the stuff I've played for her...

On a side note, me and a friend did a skrewdriver tribute band, where we changed all the lyrics to represent bike power instead of white power...

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Just up-graded from vinyl to mp3!

Anonymous said...

I seem to recall that when this was posted on another blog the comments degenerated into 'fucking Nazis' and the such like

I was lucky enough to have seen them in the late seventies and thought that they were bloody excellent, but then at the time anything that wasn't 10cc or the Brotherhood of Man or Abba or Yes or Emerson Lake & Palmer was excellent

I was also witness to the aftermath of one of their gigs where the Neo-Nazi following were very much evident, I didn't attend the gig out of principle and with hindsight it was a wise decision

As Jello said once - Nazi Punks Fuck Off ....

Anonymous said...

fuckin nazis. please take it off your blog. no paseran. kst

Zer0_II said...

Anonymous: I'm not going to remove this from my blog just because it offends a few people. In case you forgot the original nazis were the ones who burned books and destroyed art because they couldn't handle the message behind it. I am capable of listening to and judging this music based on it's musical merits alone. I think I made it clear that I do not support Nazi/fascist ideologies.