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Friday, December 07, 2007

Thee Mighty Caesars - Thee Caesars of Trash

Here's more Wild Billy Childish as requested, this time in the form of Thee Mighty Caesars. Thee Might Caesars consisted of Childish, Graham Day of the Prisoners, and John Agnew of Thee Milkshakes.

More punkier than Thee Milkshakes, still Rhythm and Blues, but less Rock and Roll. As the sleeve notes say "This is Punk Rock / Rhythm and Beat as it should be; three chords, cheap gear, and a healthy dose of hatred and contempt for the outside world." Go out and make yourself a purchase of one of their CD's to get a decent cross section of the raw punk. - from trouser press

(Year of Release: 1986)

Track List:
1. It's You I Hate To Lose
2. Man Taken From Guts
3. Don't Say It's A Lie
4. Oh Yeah
5. Devious Means
6. All Night Wonder
7. Not Fade Away
8. Jack The Ripper
9. I've Been Waiting
10. True To You
11. Don't Break My Laws
12. Psycho

Download: Thee Mighty Caesars - Thee Caesars of Trash (38.3MB)


Anonymous said...

Awesome, Thanks!