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Sunday, November 02, 2008

GG Allin - Banned In Boston

Re-Up - Originally Posted 2/5/08

I was finally able to get my hands on a computer, and on a blazing fast connection to boot. I'm supposed to have my internet connection back by Thursday if everything goes as planned.

Those who know G.G. Allin only as the feces-slinging maniac who put himself and his audiences in jeopardy with his suicidal stage shows will be surprised by the relative coherence of these early tracks. Banned in Boston is a collection of songs recorded with Allin's first backing band, the Jabbers (1976-1984), and there's plenty of tight, tuneful punk rock that those with a high tolerance for stupidity and pointless aggression will enjoy. Composed of early singles, unreleased material, and nearly all of the band's debut album (1980's Always Was, Is, and Always Shall Be), Banned in Boston captures Allin before he reached the full heights of his now-legendary extremism. The lyrics prove that Allin was always a misogynist, though his youthful exuberance renders lyrics like, "Why don't you just leave me alone/Suck my bone" and "I used to sniff girls' pantyhose/But there's nothing like a girl sitting on your nose," sublimely ridiculous rather than offensive. The band comes off like cousins to the Dead Boys, rocking hard on great tracks like "Bored to Death," "Don't Talk to Me," and the immortal "Assface." Allin even managed to convince former MC5 guitarist Wayne Kramer to supply some blazing lead guitar on the classic "Gimme Some Head", and the result smokes. Live material from a Boston gig reveals that early G.G. Allin audience members were either apathetic or contemptuous, so it isn't hard to see how a desperation to be heard compounded by massive substance abuse and emotional immaturity might lead to extreme measures like defecating on-stage and physically attacking hecklers. Allin quickly began alienating bandmates and ended up a free agent, touring alone and performing with whatever group of musicians were brave enough to back him up for the night, the music merely a backdrop for the outrageous antics that his fans had come to expect. While there are some sluggish clunkers among the gems, Banned in Boston provides proof that at one point the G.G. Allin experience was more about rock & roll than performance art.

Track List:
1. Don't Talk To Me
2. A Fuckup
3. Assface
4. Automatic
5. Beat Beat Beat
6. Bored To Death
7. Cheri Love Affair
8. Dead Or Alive
9. Gimme Some Head
10. I Need Adventure
11. Interview
12. Interview 2
13. Interview 3
14. Live Boston
15. Live Fast Die Fast
16. Livin' Like An Animal
17. Loudenbomber
18. I Need Adventure (1980 Version)
19. No Rules
20. NYC Tonite
21. One Man Army
22. Unpredictable
23. You Hate Me And I Hate You

Download: GG Allin - Banned In Boston
Download Size: 81MB


Anonymous said...

hell yes. thanks alot for this....killer blog!!!

David Blake said...

killer album son.

Anonymous said...

says it been removed for me...

Anonymous said...

ohh...im looking for this...

Anonymous said...

link removed. repost plz?

Zer0_II said...

I'll add this to my list of items to reupload. It will have to wait till Halloween is over though.

Anonymous said...

A lot of musicians who play Boston (and who are not from the area) are left scratching their heads after a gig. As an audience, we're not very expressive and we don't dance. What we do is stand there and listen. And maybe, maybe bob our heads a little. It's the repressed Yankee in all of us. As to whether Allen's audience was unmoved or contemptuous in this particular instance, I can't say.

Anonymous said...

such a great blog!!! i love what you are doing! can you pllleeeeaaaseee repost this?