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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Alice In Chains- Is Layne Still In Rehab? (Bootleg)

If you asked the average person what does Alice in Chains and glam metal have in common; the general response would be nothing at all. As a matter of fact, Alice in Chains along with bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam are widely considered to be the wave of bands to drive home a death nail into the heart of glam metal's popularity. Those people do not know the Alice in Chains I know.

I present to you, "Is Lanye Still in Rehab?" a compilation bootleg of Alice in Chains tracks consisting of mostly of unreleased Pre-Facelift demos. The album kicks off with "What the Hell Have I?" and "A Little Bitter," which are easily recognizable AIC tracks from "The Last Action Hero" soundtrack. Also the studio version of "Killing Yourself" was a B-side of AIC's first EP, "We Die Young." The demo version of the track along with the tracks "I Can't Have You Blues," "Social Parasite," and "Queen of the Rodeo" have been since released on the AIC Music Box.

The other remaining 13 tracks have never seen the light of day on an official AIC recording and are little pieces of Alice in Chains glam gold.

The album highlights include: The cover of David Bowie's "Suffragette City;" "Social Parasite" and "Chemical Addiction," which offer up glimpses of what AIC would become, especially pertaining to subject matter; "Queen of the Rodeo," a hilarious track that must be experienced; the glamed out "Glamerous Girls," which could have been written by Poison and "Fat Girls," a sexist but hilarious take on what make overweight girls worthwhile.

Trade in that smack, tattered jeans and flannel jacket for some spandex and Aqua Net and enjoy the not so serious side of life!

Track List
1. What The Hell Have I?
2. A Little Bitter
3. Killing Yourself (studio)
4. Suffragette City
5. Social Parasite
6. Chemical Addiction
7. King Of The Kats
8. Killing Yourself (demo)
9. Queen Of The Rodeo
10. Heaven 'N Hell [pre-Facelift demo]
11. Fairytale Love Story [pre-Facelift demo]
12. I Can't Have You Blues [pre-Facelift demo]
13. Lip Lock Rock [pre-Facelift demo]
14. Fat Girls [pre-Facelift demo]
15. Over The Edge [pre-Facelift demo]
16. Sealed With A Kiss [pre-Facelift demo]
17. Ya Yeah Ya [pre-Facelift demo]
18. Glamerous Girls [pre-Facelift demo]
19. Don't Be Satisfied [pre-Facelift demo]
20. Hush, Hush [pre-Facelift demo]
21. Football [pre-Facelift demo]

Download: Alice In Chains- Is Layne Still in Rehab?
Download Size: 88.72MB


Zer0_II said...

I've never been one to download many bootlegs. I'm a big Alice In Chains fan though, so I'm going to give this a listen. Thanks for another great share.

Ally said...

I was amazed at how different some of these tracks are from "traditional" Alice in Chains.

Anonymous said...

I've got to give you your props on this nice collection. I've had bits and pieces of this stuff for years, Alice N' Chains rocked!

Ally said...


I'm glad you are enjoying this. Perhaps I will post some Godsmack rarities for you. :P I kid...

Anonymous said...

Could you please upload this in lossless?