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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me

My birthday is tomorrow (July 9th). For those wondering, I'll be 28 years old. Considering I'm isolated in a tiny research laboratory in Antarctica, I doubt that I will receive many presents. However, I will be celebrating by myself by drinking a few glasses from a bottle of wine that I've had tucked away, and only break out on special occasions, and I've even allotted myself half of a candy bar.

I don't usually ask for anything, but I'm going to make an exception on this occasion. If any of you are feeling generous, please upload some rare music of any sort, or make a compilation for me. If it's good enough I'll even pass it on to the visitors here. If you're interested in doing this, it doesn't have to be done by the 9th. Feel free to take as much time as you need. I can assure you that any effort on your part will certainly be appreciated. A man can get awfully lonely in such a desolate region, and music certainly helps one to forget his whereabouts. You can either leave a comment here, or send it via e-mail to shockw4ve_x at hotmail.com Thank you and take care.


Trustar said...

Happy Birthday Zero!

Enjoy the wine and chocolate.

"Onward towards the next 28!"


Anonymous said...

Zorionak zuri (aka Happy Birthday to you), mate.
Luv your blog & luv your music, thanks for all good albums you post.

Greetings from Baskeland...


Anonymous said...

Hi, happy birthday in antartica, i'm didier living in France, i'm 50 years old. You're american ?
tell me how to do an upload, i'm like you, i adore music and i have a lot of rare stuff,

Anonymous said...

From Basque Country Too

Zer0_II said...

Didier: Thank you. To answer your question: yes, I'm American. And although this may offend some people, which I don't mind because I'm entitled to my opinion, I'm not very proud to say that I'm from the United States at the moment. Hopefully our nation will change for the better soon.

Uploading isn't very hard, and if you would like I would even be willing to meet you on instant messenger or go into more detail via e-mail if necessary. The first thing you need to do is to compress the files into an archive. The most common archive format is .zip or .rar. and Winrar and Winzip are the respective programs used to create these archives. Although you can find many other freeware programs that will do the same thing. I have listed several on my freeware music programs list which can be found here:


Once you have created the .zip or .rar file then all you have to do is upload it. I prefer to use Sharebee because it uploads to four other file hosting services. That tends to discourage the people who like to report files and have them deleted. I have also put together a list of file distribution services where you can upload your music, and it can be found here:


Perhaps I'll put together a detailed tutorial on how to rip, zip, and upload files in the near future. Hopefully my instructions were clear and helpful, but if they weren't feel free to contact me via e-mail at shockw4ve_x at hotmail.com and I would be happy to help you in any way possible.

Zer0_II said...

Thank you to all of you who have left birthday comments. They are very much appreciated. It's fantastic to see comments from people in various parts of the world.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Zero,

you have a really nice blog here. You and others inspired me to do an own blog. I'm in the process of preparing my first post...

Best wishes from germany!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday.

Here are some presents. They are not uploads per se, rather records that are freely available online that I love.

Asthmaboy - Later Days
Big Ray - You Get What You Deserve
Defiance, Ohio - Share What 'Ya Got
The Depreciation Guild - In Her Gentle Jaws
The Terrordactyls - S/T

Anonymous said...

Can read this post only now (July, 10th). Hope it doesn't matter but happy birthday anyway. Have been appreciating your efforts ever since the blog began to roll. Thanks for everything from Italy!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

happy b-day zero...check my page at last.fm (username:Ionel8), there U will find the address of my page at saatchi-gallery...one of my artwork is dedicated to U...i hope U will like it...all the best...
jon bibire...fairfax, va

Anonymous said...

It has been a while since I have checked the blog, and I see that I missed your birthday by about twenty days... so, happy belated birthday!

From your (probably only) fan in Arkansas,

Anonymous said...

Antarctica! Wow, just signing in from West Aust, so i'm pretty close to you - maybe 5000 miles.

I wish all the bloggers, like you, who work so hard to share music for music lovers, all the best. Your blog is one of the most eclectic.