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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Michael Pogo Kreiner & Vienna Sound Orchestra - E-Magic Flute

I found this gem on a blog which was recently started in May of this year titled Melloman. Upon reading the description posted there I was convinced this would be good, and upon hearing the first track I was in love. I have loved classical music since an early age, and more recently discovered a wealth of electronic, funk, and experimental music. This album takes elements of all four genres, and although it might sound like a very strange mix, the outcome is a very satisfying one. My time is short, but I wanted to share this with the visitors here as soon as I heard it. Fortunately there was a great review that came with the file, along with the description provided by the original poster. I have included both below, and hopefully they can give you a better description than I can at the present time. I'm sure that you all will enjoy this one.

Interesting mixture of styles. It has classical, with funky bass lines and hard beats with a 70's 80's disco funk feeling sometimes, also opera with electronic music, also used in hip hop with the MPC samplers, but those we're just samples. This one could get a good grade from you unless you are against blending various styles. I hope you enjoy it !!! - Melloman

E-MAGIC FLUTE is the electronic version of Wolfgang
Amadeus Mozart's blockbuster opera "The Magic Flute". A
symphonic orchestra meets sequencer and rhythm section.
Vocal parts are filled in by a counter tenor, girl's
voices and some rare instruments like the balearic
bagpipes from Mallorca or the Bohemian glass harp.
This epic album is produced by POGO KREINER, Vienna based
composer, musician and co-bandleader of Madrid de Los
Austrias who has worked with such great artists like
Richard Dorfmeister, Nigel Hayes, Frankie Valentine,
Celia Mara or Yello besides being a marvellous musician,
both live on stage and in the studio. Pogo's special
skills are in crossing musical sound barriers and fusing
distant soundscapes to a new homogenous experience. Check
what he has done with traditional music from Andalusia
and contemporary club music for the Madrid de los
Austrias project and you know the score.
Listening to the "Vorspiel" (overture) we still find
Mozart's original partiture very present. But if you
listen on through the album, electronic elements are
taking over more and more until the "Finale" where full
electronic soundscapes dominate with only sparse
distorted quotations of the aria's woven in. This is a
journey through the times where elements of Austria's
musical heritage and contemporary sound trickery are
stripped down to their essence in order to meet again for
a new sound interpretation of Mozart's masterpiece. - Unknown

Track List:
01. Vorspiel
02. Papageno
03. Tamino (Part One)
04. Tamino (Part Two)
05. Zauberflöte
06. Königin Der Nacht
07. Pamina
08. Sarastro
09. Finale
10. Libretto

Download: Michael Pogo Kreiner & Vienna Sound Orchestra - E-Magic Flute
Download Size: 61MB


Anonymous said...

!!! This looks so amazingly brilliant--thank you so much for sharing! :D

J Thyme...kind said...

This IS good. What year was this released in?

Anonymous said...

much thanks

Unknown said...

very gooddd