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Saturday, July 05, 2008

VA - Flaming Burnout: An Estrus Benefit Compilation

This compilation was originally released in 1997 as a benefit compilation for Estrus Records. For those not familiar, Estrus Records is an independent record label from Bellingham, Washington that makes surf, garage and trash rock music. They have released such bands as Soledad Brothers, The Drags, The Mummies, Impala, Man or Astro-man?, the Makers, Gas Huffer, The Mooney Suzuki, The Cherry Valence, Midnight Evils, Mono Men, Federation X, The Trashwomen, Satan's Pilgrims, and Southern Culture on the Skids.

In January of 1997 a fire broke out in the Estrus Records warehouse. Unfortunately this fire destroyed their entire mail-order inventory and private record collection. In response to this tragic event, 30 bands from around the globe got together and donated a song to the Flaming Burnout compilation to help out for the cause. There is a good mixture of styles to be found on this compilation, including surf (Satan's Pilgrims, Man or Astro Man?), punk (the Criminals, Mono Men, the Makers), and bands with a style all their own (Serverton, Madame X, Southern Culture on the Skids).

Year of Release: 1997
Label: Man's Ruin
Genre: Compilation
Bitrate: 128kbps

Track List:
1. I Want It - Cheater Slicks
2. She'll Be Mine - Cowslingers
3. Signifacatiro - Criminals
4. Dig In - Crown Royals
5. Go Go Kitty - Delta 72
6. I'll Be Standing (On My Own) - Electric Frankenstein
7. You Can't Get Him Frankenstein - Fleshtones
8. Cool Down - Gas Money
9. Now I Know - Hi-Fives
10. You Can Be My Baby - Insomniacs
11. Buzz - Lord High Fixers
12. Nobody Loves You Like Me - Madame X
13. Damn Nation - Makers
14. Drumulator Is Boss - Man Or Astro Man
15. Behind Bars - Mono Men
16. 999 - Mortals
17. Bad Vibes (live) - Nomads
18. Moscow Woman - Peechees
19. Little Baby - Phantom Rats
20. Ten High - Quadrajets
21. Ben Tenaka - Satan's Pilgrims
22. Rocket Dog - Servotron
23. Jungle Beat '97 - Southern Culture On The Skids
24. Superfly TNT - Space Cookie
25. Ex Lion Tamer - Splash Four
26. Untitled
27. Machine - Sugar Shack
28. Trudie Trudie - Supercharger
29. Jet Boys - Teengenerate
30. Push (live) - Woggles

Download: Flaming Burnout: An Estrus Benefit Compilation
Download Size: 66MB


Anonymous said...

Love the Flaming Burnout - An Estrus Benefit Compilation post, but it looks like track 28 "Trudie Trudie - Supercharger" got corrupted. Could you re-post that track?

Joel Lindelof said...

Bought this when it came out. RIP Etrus!

ghlm said...

it will be a wonder if you can post anything else by Madame X apart of the 2 tracks from the estrus compiltaions, some of their 7''/10''EPs,doyou got them???

many thanks in advance!!!