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Thursday, July 03, 2008

Himera - Zudwa

Hello everyone. Here is something realy special and rare. This is a Russian cult underground rock band -Himera. A few words about it. In Russia 90's was a really bad and very very difficult time, especially for musicians. It was a time of great economic defolt in country, it was a time of big decline and poverty. No music instruments in shops , often musicians was made an effect pedals like distortion by themselves , soldering the microcircuit. There was only one concert club in whole Saint-Petersburg city- "Tam Tam" . Of course this place was underground and forbidden. So at one evening you could see on the stage a hard-core band , then a folk music , after it some ragamuffin guys , and the right after that a nazi skin head punks. Can you imagine that mix?

Front man lead singer , guitar player, songwriter of Himera was Edik Starkov. He was a very unusual person , and like most rock genius he had a mental deviations. He also was very poor. He lived right in the "Tam Tam" . He gave a gem there than he slept there. One day Edik has not come on band rehearsal. He was hung up on the second floor of a building where the Himera has rehearsed. The band was rehearsing and not suspecting about that that their frontman is a floor above hung up. As usual Himera has not achieved popularity. They disbanded some days after Edik's death.
So give it a try. The fifty percent of Himera feature was Edik's lyrics. Its very sad that you can understand it , and I haven't much time for translating it. I've just translate a titles of songs. But other fifty percents was their unusual sound. The line up was - drums, guitar and violoncello. A guy with violoncello carried out functions of bass player. And some times Edik played a little horn. I can't describe a genre of this music. It is noise , avant-garde hardcore, alternative punk, etc. with strong shaman psychedelic shade.

Year of Release: 1994
Genre: Noise-rock, alternative
Bitrate: 320kbps

Track List:

Download: Himera Zudwa


Zer0_II said...

This sounds very interesting. I'll be sure to give this a listen tomorrow. Thanks for sharing such a unique and interesting album Fill.

On a personal note.. it's good to see you back. Your work must keep you very busy. It sounds like you and I both could use a vacation :)

Fill said...

Yeah man , a good rest would not prevent us :)
judging to on the two-bit of comments all already went away in vacation except for us two

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot, Bruce (Portland, Oregon, USA)

Anonymous said...

This record has some incredible parts. The vocals are so strong, miserable, and full of frustration.

Well worth listening to.