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Monday, July 07, 2008

Luther Allison - Serious

"Serious is packed with killer guitar riffs which easily bring Hendrix to mind, accompanied by one of the most passionate and soulful voices you will ever hear."Serious is a seriously good slab of blues rock, and despite the amazing range displayed by Luther Allison on this album, it is unfortunately all too often overlooked even by blues aficionados. Luther started playing guitar and submersed himself in learning everything he could about playing the blues. Three years after moving to Chicago in 1951, he made his on stage debut, playing with Howlin' Wolf's band, and backing up James Cotton.

In 1957 he broke big after the legendary Muddy Waters invited Luther on stage to perform with him. For the next 10 years he would go on to tour the club circuit, and managed to record one single. In 1967 Allison was signed to the Delmark Records label and the following year his debut album Love Me Mama was released. By the mid 1970s he began touring Europe, and moved to France in 1977. He would not return to the United States for another 15 years.

'Serious' released in 1987 would mark a change in Allison's musical approach, from a traditional blues style, to a more rock oriented style. Serious is packed with killer guitar riffs which easily bring Hendrix to mind, accompanied by one of the most passionate and soulful voices you will ever hear. In 1994 Allison's manager, and European agent, Thomas Ruf founded the label Ruf Records. Since signing with Ruf Records, Allison then launched a comeback in association with Alligator Records. Alligator founder, Bruce Iglauer, convinced Allison to return to the United States for the first time in 15 years.

Unfortunately Luther's comeback was cut short. In the middle of his summer of 1997 tour, Allison checked into a hospital for chest pains and breathing problems. It was discovered that he had a tumor on his lung that was about to metastasize to his spine. In and out of a coma, Allison died on August 12, 1997, five days before his 58th birthday, in Madison, Wisconsin. His album Reckless had just been released. His son Bernard Allison, at one time a member of his band, is now a solo recording artist. Luther Allison was posthumously inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame in 1998.

Year of Release: 1987
Label: Blind Pig
Genre: Blues, Rock
Bitrate: 320kbps

Track List:
1. Backtrack
2. Life Is A Bitch
3. Reaching out
4. Parking Lot
5. Serious
6. Just Memories
7. Should I Wait
8. Show Me A Reason
9. Let's Try Again
10. We're On The Road

Download: Luther Allison - Serious
Download Size: 105MB