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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Candy Snatchers - The Candy Snatchers

This was originally uploaded and posted at Born In The Basement. Up till this point I've only had the chance to listen to a single song by the Snatchers entitled Run You Down, so it's nice to finally be able to hear a full length effort by the group.

The year 1996,saw the Candy Snatchers first phenomenal full length album finally released. Originally recorded in ‘95 their were some problems with the DAT’s. They were sent back to the studio and stolen! This lead to many delays, and they ended up mastering the album off a cassette of the session. There were further delays in getting the album out due to their label, Safehouse Records. The album was reviewd in many magazines as best album of 1996 such as maximum Rock n Roll.
(Year of Release: 1996)

Track List:
01. She’s Gettin’ Loose
02. Yeah You
03. Will I…
04. Motion
05. Nightcrawler
06. Fed Up With You
07. This Town
08. Sympathy Trip
09. Haunted Road
10. Turnin’ Blue
11. Matty’s Room
12. Sauced Again
13. It’s To Late
14. Why I Drink
15. Whisperin’ Wind
16. Tomato Man

Download: The Candy Snatchers - The Candy Snatchers (43.3MB)


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