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Friday, November 30, 2007

Various Artists - Hell Comes To Your House

This was originally posted on Nitegaunt Media, an upcoming Death Rock blog. Do yourself a favor and check it out if you haven't already.

One of the greatest compilations ever! This album introduced me to some cool shit way back when. I remember when my friend Scott got it on vinyl when we were in high school. We used to sit in his tiny room getting high, playing chess, and listen to this. This is a gem for those who are collectors and completists as well as a great start for anyone who isn't that familiar with the genre. Everything from some early Social Distortion to Christian Death, Super Heroines, and even Redd Kross covering New York Dolls. Highly recommended. I think this is out of print again. It was almost impossible to find for years (at least on the east coast). I picked up this copy at a great little record store that may still be in Asheville, North Carolina, called Green Eggs And Jams. So if you're ever in their neighborhood check 'em out.

-Psyche Zenobia

(Year of Release: 1981)

Track List:
1. Lude Boy - Social Distortion
2. Telling Them - Social Distortion
3. Daddy's Gone Mad - Legal Weapon
4. Puss 'N' Boots - Red Cross
5. Out Of My Head - Modern Warfare
6. Street Fightin' Man - Modern Warfare
7. Deception - Secret Hate
8. New Routine/Suicide - Secret Hate
9. Suburban Bitch - Conservatives
10. Just Cuz/Nervous - Conservatives
11. Evil - Grave
12. Concerned Citizen - Grave
13. 45 Grave - Grave
14. Dogs - Christian Death
15. Reject Yourself - 100 Flowers
16. Marry It - Rhino 39
17. Death On The Elevator - Super Heroines
18. Embalmed Love - Super Heroines

Download: VA - Hell Comes To Your House (54.1MB)


Psyche Zenobia said...

It was actually released in 1981 but the cd release was in 98.

Anonymous said...

yeah, a classic from the early 80's punk era. I still have my vinyl copy.


RYP said...

hey Zer0_II,
just posted the Vol 2 and requested the Vol 1, I got this:
Vol 1 was posted at the Dgital Meltdown blog on Friday, Nov the 30th 2007 and is still available there.
Best wishes and many thanks for Vol 2

So many thanks for this! and if you need the second one...

best regards