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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

45 Grave - Sleep In Safety

This album was originally posted on Nitegaunt Media, an upcoming Death Rock blog, however the track Riboflavin was missing. I've included it, and excluded the extra tracks that were originally added to make up for it's absence. If you enjoy this album be sure to stop by Nitegaunt Media and leave a comment.

If there is one band that brought the horror rock of Screaming Lord Sutch and Alice Cooper into the punk rock era that band had to be 45 Grave. Composed of member of various late seventies punk bands like The Germs and Vox Pop, 45 Grave melded punk, psychedelic, and hokey Monster Mash style rock into one fierce conglomeration. With Dinah Cancer's distinct seething and screaming and Paul Cutler's intricate guitar work they were a force to be reckoned with in the L.A. punk scene. They were also one of the first death rock bands I was introduced to when the Return Of The Living Dead soundtrack came out. I immediately fell in love and amongst our little southern scene their records were much sought after. Following Enigma Records demise it became almost impossible to find "Sleep In Safety" and their other albums. My vinyl copy was given to me by a friend about ten years ago and I ended up getting it signed by Dinah when I went to see the "reunion" show in Atlanta a couple of years back. She was the only founding member there (Rikk Agnew from Christian Death was supposed to be on guitar but didn't show) but it was still nice to hear those songs live and see her sing them. She was also a very nice and gracious person to meet. Anyway, this is their finest and most together album and it's a pleasure to bring it to you. Oops, I'm actually missing one song so I made it up by adding four live tracks at the end. The missing song is Riboflavin and if I find it I'll repost.
- Psyche Zenobia

(Year of Release: 1983)

Track List:
1. Insurance From God
2. Evil
3. Party Time
4. Violent World
5. Slice O'Life
6. Phantoms
7. Dream Hits II
8. Bad Love
9. Surf Bat
10. Riboflavin
11. Procession
12. 45 Grave
13. School's Out
14. Party Time (Single Version)

Download: 45 Grave - Sleep In Safety (70MB)


Anonymous said...

I've got the Return of the Living Dead Soundtrack. Suprised?

- Stephen

admin said...

nice review, good band, was lucky enough to see them in LA last year

Anonymous said...

bugger , already gone - harry lime