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Friday, October 17, 2008

Coil - Unreleased Hellraiser Themes - Vinyl & CD Versions

I thought it would be appropriate to follow up the official Hellraiser score with this unoffical version by Coil. The Unreleased Themes for Hellraiser (subtitled The Consequences Of Raising Hell) was the fourth album that Coil released in the year 1987. The album was released on the CD, cassette and 10" vinyl. It was the proposed soundtrack to the film Hellraiser. A common misconception is that this version was deamed "too scary" to use, however in all actuality it was turned down because it was not considered commercial enough by the studio. The following quote by Cliver Barker, which was included on the album cover to the vinyl version, may have helped to perpetuate this myth: "The only group I've heard on disc whose records I've taken off because they made my bowels churn"

A-side tracks from the 10"/cassette version and all tracks from the CD version later appeared on the Unnatural History II compilation. B-side tracks from the 10"/cassette version later appeared as a single track on Unnatural History III.
This is the only release on the record label Solar Lodge, with catalog number COIL 1. The cassette version was licensed to Soleilmoon and released in 1990, with catalog number SOL 4. The cassette features a different cover than the CD and vinyl release.

10" Vinyl & Cassette Track List
Side A: "The Unreleased Themes For Hellraiser"
1. Hellraiser
2. Box Theme
3. Main Title

Side B: "Music For Commercials"
1. Airline 1
2. Liqueur
3. Perfume
4. Video Recorder
5. Airline 2
6. Natural Gas
7. Cosmetic 1
8. Cosmetic 2
9. Analgesic
10.Road Surface
11.Accident Insurance

CD Track List:
1. Hellraiser Themes
2. The Hellbound Heart
3. Box Theme
4. No New World
5. Attack of the Sennapods
6. Main Title

Download: Coil - Unreleased Hellraiser Themes (Vinyl Version) (20MB)
Download: Coil - Unreleased Hellraiser Themes (CD Version) (27MB)


AllyWonderland said...

I absolutely adore Coil. I don't think I have these but rather I just have the version released on their Unnatural History series. Thanks. :)