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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

White Zombie - Gods on Voodoo Moon/Pig Heaven/Soul Crusher/Make Them Die Slowly/God of Thunder/Children of the Grave

To say that Rob Zombie and Halloween have a rather close relationship is to say peanut butter and jelly are close bedfellows. Most recognize Rob Zombie as the director of such films as The Devil's Rejects and the disaster of a remake, Halloween. Some recognize him as a successful solo artist and boisterous front man for the industrial-metal band, White Zombie; but few know that White Zombie started out as a noise rock/punk band in New York City, whose fan base has included the likes of Thurston Moore and Kurt Cobain. Since Halloween is upon us, what could be more fitting than a pack of delicious noise rock treats?

In 1985 White Zombie recorded their first EP, Gods on Voodoo Moon. 300 copies were pressed and only 100 of those copies were sold. Clocking in at a little over fourteen minutes, this is my favorite release from the noise rock era of White Zombie.

Track List:

1. King of Souls
2. Gentleman Junkie
3. Tales From the Scarecrow Man
4. Cat's Eye Resurrection
5. Black Friday
6. Dead or Alive

Download: White Zombie-Gods on Voodoo Moon
Download Size: 12.23 MB

In May of 1986, White Zombie released the Pig Heaven EP. It was limited to 500 copies and only contained the two tracks, "Pig Heaven" and "Slaughter the Grey." It's worth the time to check out for "Pig Heaven" alone, which I consider their best track from their pure noise rock era.

Track List:

1. Pig Heaven
2. Slaughter the Grey

Download: White Zombie-Pig Heaven
Download Size: 8.01 MB

After releasing a slew of EPs, White Zombie released their first LP, Soul Crusher, to somewhat mixed opinions. It has been regarded as one of their best works and a great piece of noise rock amongst noise rock enthusiasts, yet considered their worst LP amongst the fans of the metal White Zombie.

Track List:

1. Ratmouth
2. Shack of Hate
3. Drowning the Colossus
4. Crow III
5. Die Zombie Die
6. Skin
7. Truck on Fire
8. Future Shock
9. Scum Kill
10. Diamond Ass

Download: White Zombie-Soul Crusher
Download Size: 44.15 MB

White Zombie's second LP effort would see them take a turn towards a more heavy metal sound. 1989's Make Them Die Slowly, is an interesting listen and a must have for White Zombie collectors but to me comes off as a band stuck in transition from noise rock to metal. In my opinion it is their worst LP and only the album finale track, "Godslayer," saves the album.

Track List:

1. Demon Speed
2. Disaster Blaster
3. Murderworld
4. Revenge
5. Acid Flesh
6. Power Hungry
7. Godslayer

Download: White Zombie-Make Them Die Slowly
Download Size: 46.31 MB

Before White Zombie released their signature album, La Sexorcisto: Devil Music, Vol. 1, they released a three track EP entitled, God of Thunder. The EP showcases White Zombie honing in their craft from the generic heavy metal style to the groove/industrial style of metal that most people expect from them. The highlight of the EP is the cover of Kiss' "God of Thunder."

Track List:

1. God of Thunder
2. Love Razor
3. Disaster Blaster II

Download: White Zombie-God of Thunder
Download Size:
17.23 MB

Finally, I'm adding a track from the Nativity in Black: Black Sabbath tribute album. White Zombie does a fine job covering the Black Sabbath classic, "Children of the Grave."

Track List:

1. Children of the Grave

Download: White Zombie- Children of the Grave
Download Size: 7.64 MB

Conspicuous by its absence is White Zombie's 1987 EP, Psycho-Head Blowout. I only have this release in cassette form and when I broke up the tracks for upload I left some tracks joined together; thus it is broken up into three tracks instead of seven. If you are still interested, leave a comment and I will upload it anyways. Enjoy!


Zer0_II said...

Great post Allison! To be honest, I wasn't aware that White Zombie had released so much material prior to La Sexorcisto. It seems like I should have known that..

Anonymous said...

Higher bitrate woulda been nice

AllyWonderland said...

I'm sorry about that. I can re-up it if you'd like if you get me some time.

Psyche Zenobia said...

Just wanted to say nice post there Ally! I saw them right when La Sexorcisto came out in a club in Atlanta and it was one of the most rockin' shows I ever saw (and I'm not even a huge fan)! It took about a year for that album to catch on. The next time I saw them it was in at the notorious Viking Hall performance when they had been banned from Johnson City so they came to Bristol and played. There was a big protest against them which got coverage on MTV. They opened the show with all the video footage from the news and MTV and then when the lights came on they had a huge devil head and two columns spitting fire into the air, haha! I never understood how anyone could get offended or take them seriously. It's so obviously tongue-in-cheek, good time, rock and roll, word salad. We actually went to the protest, also, and carried nonsensical signs that read stuff like "My Kittie's Crazy!" and "Give Me Candy". Then we passed out SubGenius pamphlets. Good times and a great band!

Anonymous said...

Supersonic post,Zombie is a much underated talent. Not just a cheesy horror movie director

Scott said...

Just found this post now - and it's a great one, so thanks! I for one would love to hear Psycho-Head Blowout, if the offer to upload still stands...

mxxbock said...

i didt like white zombie,but recently i listen to their first ep Gods on Voodoo Moon and i have to say i dont expected such a great album its just briliant

why they have to switch their style so much white zombie could be a great great band if they keep the noise rock style

sorry for the poor english.