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Sunday, October 31, 2010

John Carpenter - Halloween Original Soundtrack & 20th Anniversary Edition (1978)

John Carpenter - Halloween Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (1978)

Update October 28th, 2010: This is an update to my original post from 2008 for John Carpenter's Original Motion Picture Soundtrack for Halloween. Below you will find both the original soundtrack released on vinyl in 1978, as well as the 20th Anniversary Edition released in 1998. The 20th Anniversary Edition is in 320kbps MP3, while the original is only 128kbps. I have searched all over for a higher quality version of the original soundtrack, but apparently it is much rarer than I imagined. If anyone has the original soundtrack in a higher bitrate and is willing to share, please drop a link in the comment section. I would greatly appreciate the gesture, and I'm sure the readers would also.


AllyWonderland said...

Ha! I was wondering when this one would get posted. All I have is the 20th anniversary edition. Everyone seems to think this one is better though.

Marissa said...

Was looking for this tonight! Thanks much!

Zer0_II said...

I'm looking for the original version (NOT the 20th Anniversary Edition) in 320kbps MP3 or higher.

@Allywonderland: I tend to agree with the opinion that the original soundtrack is better than the 20th Anniversary Edition. The 20th Anniversary Edition contains a lot of dialogue, which can be great in some instances; however it is very distracting in this case. The original soundtrack stands on its own as one of the greatest horror scores of all time, so in my opinion they should have included the original score first, followed by bonus tracks with dialogue and previously unreleased music.

surrealised said...


Here's the original version in VBR mp3


Il Idioto said...

Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Gracias.Magnífico blog.