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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Chu Ishikawa - Tetsuo: The Iron Man & Tetsuo: Body Hammer (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Saved this post for Samhain itself.

One of my favorite films, a 1989 cyberpunk vision of urban nightmare & bod-mod horror from avant-garde Japanese filmmaker extraordinaire Shinya Tsukamoto, filmed in 16mm. Tetsuo:The Iron Man is a nonstop barrage of nerve-shredding, mind-splitting surrealism that serves as a jarring analysis of the paranoia of industrialization. The constant manipulation of multiple cinematic techniques, including film-speed & stop motion, coupled with the film's fever-pitched assault on the senses, creates a consistently unsettling aura of impending doom.

Chu Ishikawa’s intense soundtrack is equally discordantly grating, filled with the searingly crackling & pounding sounds of scraping metal & rending tissue. It is the perfect match to the film, easily as assaulting on the ears as the film's visual scheme is on the eyes. This film & score are impossible to forget, leaving a lasting impression on those who subject themselves to its cognitive horrors, searing itself into not only your mind, but into your entire consciousness.

This CD also contains the soundtrack to Tetsuo II: Body Hammer.
Tracks 1, 4, 5 from "Tetsuo: The Iron Man", tracks 2, 3, 6, 7, 8 from "Tetsuo II: Body Hammer".

Year of Release: 1994
Label: Japan Overseas
Catalog #: JO94-0
Genre: Soundtrack, Industrial, Noise
Bitrate: 320kbps

1. Megatron
2. The Sixth Tooth
3. Rana-Porosa Porosa I
4. Mausoleum
5. Lost
6. Dinosauroid
7. Rana-Porosa Porosa II
8. A Burned Figure

Download: Chu Ishikawa - Tetsuo & Tetsuo II: Body Hammer OST
Download Size: 86.3MB (ripped at 320Kbps)


Unknown said...

Hope adrive works out. No problems on this end. Thank you so much for this. It has been a while. The visuals and soundtrack for the first film were indeed "unforgettable". I haven't seen the second. Sixteen with 300ug's and a bag of oranges...


Thanks Mikhale. Body Hammer is quite different yet equally great in the same way as the first. I have yet to see Tetsuo: The Bullet Man, the third installment. It has been on my Netflix list for some time, but not available yet. Glad adrive worked out.

robertzombie said...

Hi,any chance of a re-up?


to robertzombie,
I just checked the a drive link. It seems to be working fine. I downloaded it to be sure without problem. If you have more trouble, I also have it posted on my other blog called Nothin' Sez Somethin'. I am doing music around the world & it is on the Japan 2.0 post from 8/22/13