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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jeffrey Combs Reads H.P. Lovecraft's Herbert West Re-Animator (Audiobook)


apollojams said...

Ian, this looks delightful. I didn't even know it existed. And me, a fan of Combs, Stuart Gordon, etc. Sheesh. I'll grab it this week at some point, just wanted to thank you in advance. All BlogMods should remember that some of us feel *goofy* commenting on something we don't even HAVE yet, knowing little about it and definitely not having a thing to say about it [yet, that is]. And as most of my grabs tend to be more out of curiousity than re-archiving something i already know about and have, all you're gonna get right now [lol] is a pre-thanx, and i certainly think you're all little angels for creating these forums to share your enthusiasm. And synchronicity abounds!: i just found my old vhs of the "Dr. Mordrid" movie! 1991, Full Moon Studio's take on Dr. Strange, played by Combs! Surprisingly good, considering. ANYthing's better than that laughably bad 70s Marvel Studios TV-movie. Which, um, i *also* have...somewhere...you know how it is.