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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Harry Manfredini - Friday the 13th (Complete Original Score) (1980)


Kouzmin said...

Не интересная музыка и не страшная. Только слух раздражает, но все-равно спасибо) From Russia.

Santa-san said...

I can only agree 100% in what you are writing about this movie (and the rest of them). Funny how crap movies like these are the ones dearest to you.
I grew up watching these too ofc, and being a swede I had little restrictions from my mum ;-D There are worse things in the world

Like the movie slaughter that went on in the 80´s >_< I remember the (swedish) rental version of Evil Dead was censored some 15 minutes... But that's another topic :P Thanks again man