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Thursday, October 07, 2010

John Harrison - Creepshow (2003 - 320kbps)


Korla said...

Hey, thanks for this post. I hope it's nothing serious. get well soon.



Spasmo Mixtape said...

Hello there, thanks for your kind comments over at my blog - thanks to your request, I've just poster a sequel to the 'radio spots' compilation - hope you like it :)


To be honest, not sure where I found these, presumably some website somewhere. I do still have the Something Weird radio spot audio tapes from way back in the day that were a freebie when you bought their trailer videos. I think this is the source for most of the stuff floating around. Youtube is useful as well.

I've added you to my links - can't believe I didn't already know about your blog; it's great stuff! Man, between yourself and a couple of the other guys, it's REAL hard finding stuff to share that hasn't already been posted. Having said that, feel free to share the radio spots - they're great stuff & should be enjoyed by all!

Anyways, keep up the great work & have a happy Halloween!

Zer0_II said...

@Korla: Thank you Korla. It wasn't anything long-term. I suffer from some pretty serious migraines though, and sometimes it takes me a couple of days to recover from one. I'm feeling much better now though.

@Schtoffer: Thank you for stopping by. I actually found the blog that these radio spots originated from. The name of the compilation is "Trashorama Radio Spots", and so far he has released three different volumes. I don't have the link of the blog handy, but if you google the name of the compilation you should find it easily enough.

I've been putting together my own compilation so I can number the tracks the way I would like, tag them etc. I plan to call it "Trashorama Radio Spots: Horror Edition" or something similar, in order to pay tribute to the person who created the comps to begin with.

I'm glad you're enjoying my blog. Please let me know if there is anything in particular you would like to see posted here, or if you have any recommendations to pass my way. I'm not familiar with the Something Weird radio spot audio tapes. Any chance you would be willing to share those so I could check them out?

Again, thank you for taking the time to stop by here and leave a comment. I hope to see you here again in the future. Take care.

warren said...

Hey thanks SO much for this CREEPSHOW soundtrack. It's such an oddball sound...

Your blog is more of a timesuck than Facebook! It's so addictive - keep it up - loving those old Eerie and Creepy scans too!

~ w.

Zer0_II said...

@Warren: Thank you for the feedback. Its always great to know that people are enjoying the stuff I post. I hope you enjoy the stuff I have in store for the remainder of the Halloween Countdown. Take care.

Anonymous said...

thanks so much

satanic piano track is real cool because its like a demo track for the track breakdown on the day the dead soundtrack, check out