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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Goblin - Suspiria Original Soundtrack (1977 - 264VBR)

This was originally uploaded by Allywonderland for the Halloween Countdown of '08. A few of the Sharebee links were no longer working, so I decided to go ahead and reupload this since it fits in with recent posts devoted to Italian Horror movies. The version provided is the original soundtrack released on vinyl in 1977. This has since been reissued a number of times, usually with bonus tracks included, although the version provided here is currently out of print. - Zer0_II


Zer0_II said...

Great choice. I was considering posting this as well as a few other Italian horror soundtracks before I decided to go with the "modern monsters" angle. I was half-expecting Psyche Zenobia to post this also since he is a big Dario Argento fan.

Anonymous said...

thanxalot! stunning work! more argento/goblin always welcome. best wishes - ubique

Psyche Zenobia said...

Ally, the more you post the more I think I'm in love,ha!

AllyWonderland said...

zer0: The modern monster angle is fine. I think a large portion of people now think of Jason, Freddy, and Michael first when it comes to Halloween.

ubique: No problem. I will post Zombi tomorrow after school/gym since Suspiria was received so well.

pz: Ha! It's all apart of my master plan to lure you into my web and bite your head off! :P

Anonymous said...

Amazing soundtrack indeed. I just recently watched The Mother of Tears and it encouraged me to dig out my Suspiria LP and play it again.