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Friday, October 20, 2006

The Dirtbombs - Dangerous Magical Noise

The Dirtbombs are a rock and roll band based in Detroit, Michigan, notable for blending diverse influences such as punk rock, glam, and soul while featuring a dual bass guitar, dual drum lineup. The Dirtbombs were formed by Mick Collins (of the influential garage rock band The Gories) as a side project and started recording songs by 1995

With their unconventional lineup and unique melding of genres, the Dirtbombs create a sound that is all their own. The structure of two bassists and two drummers gives the band a heavy rhythm-bass sound that drives the music forward and inspires the dance in even the stiffest of blokes. This structure isn't going to become the new standard for rock bands - it definately wouldn't work for everyone, but it's perfect for the Dirtbombs' sound. Drawing on Detroit's rich musical history, the Dirtbombs are a hybrid of influences including soul, blues, Motown and garage/punk. The listener hears Stevie Wonder one second and the MC5 the next.

From the beginning breathless rush of "Start the Party" on, the bandmembers rarely take their feet off the gas. Pounding tracks like "Get It While You Can," "Earthquake Heart," and "Stupid" will keep the party going at a fever pitch, and tracks like the anthemic "F.I.D.O." and "21st Century Fox" will have you singing along in the car on your way back home at 3:00 a.m. When they do dial the rock back a little, like on the slow-groove garage-soul of "Sun Is Shining," it gives Collins a chance to show off his always great vocals. They also exhibit some newfound glam rock influences on the super-cool "Motor City Baby" and the hilarious "I'm Through With White Girls." The Dirtbombs are a rock & roll band pure and simple, and if you like pure and simple rock & roll with a dash of soul, you will flip over Dangerous Magical Noise. (Year of Release: 2003)

Track List
1. Start The Party
2. Get It While You Can
3. Don't Break My Heart
4. Sun Is Shining
5. Earthquake Heart
6. Thunder In The Sky
7. Motor City Baby
8. Stuck In Thee Garage
9. I'm Through With White Girls
10. 21st Century Fox
11. Stop
12. Stupid
13. F.I.D.D.

Download: The Dirtbombs - Dangerous Magical Noise (49.4MB)