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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Stooges - The Stooges

Here's The Stooges self-entitled debut album, as requested by Flávio - Brasil

While the Stooges had a few obvious points of influence, the swagger of the early Rolling Stones, the horny pound of the Troggs, the fuzztone sneer of a thousand teenage garage bands, and the Velvet Underground's experimental eagerness to leap into the void -- they didn't really sound like anyone else around when their first album hit the streets in 1969. It's hard to say if Ron Asheton, Scott Asheton, Dave Alexander, and the man then known as Iggy Stooge were capable of making anything more sophisticated than this, but if they were, they weren't letting on, and the best moments of this record document the blithering inarticulate fury of the post-adolescent id. Ron Asheton's guitar runs (fortified with bracing use of fuzztone and wah-wah) are brutal and concise, while Scott Asheton's drums and Dave Alexander's solid bass stomp these tunes into submission with a force that inspires awe. "1969," "I Wanna Be Your Dog," "Real Cool Time," "No Fun," and other classic rippers are on board, and one listen reveals why they became clarion calls in the punk rock revolution. Part of the fun of The Stooges is, then as now, the band managed the difficult feat of sounding ahead of their time and entirely out of their time, all at once (Year of Release: 1969)

Track List:
1. 1969
2. I Wanna Be Your Dog
3. We Will Fall
4. No Fun
5. Real Cool Time
6. Ann
7. Not Right
8. Little Doll

Download: The Stooges - The Stooges (45.8MB)


RYP said...

Hey Zer0_II
today I'll ReUp "Take Everything - Leave Nothing" (CITADEL REC. Australia). other ossie stuff you've requested will follow....

Anonymous said...

wire, hot snakes and the stooges? this is a happy halloween! thanks

Anonymous said...

Oh,Boy!Oh,Boy!Oh,Boy! Great!!!!! Thanx a lot, man! Thanx! I think I'll never be understood 'cos my english is so bad! I'm brazilian (obvious: see the name) and the few words I know in your language, I built to request Stooges. If U need something here, just request! If I may do, I'll do it for you! I love Iggy, MC5, Patty Smith, NY Dolls, Buzzcocks and you do a great favor to me!!! Someone stoled all my Iggy's collection, and now I can hear it again.
P.S: I think I kill all the ortographic and gramatical rules with my speach but... Do you understand me?
Thanx, man! Thank you!

Zer0_II said...

ryp: Thanks once again. You've been a tremendous help, and I absolutely love your blog. Thank you for all your hard work. I look forward to any Citadel releases that you are able to post

flavio - brasil:
I understand you perfectly fine my friend. In fact I can understand you better than many who's native language is English lol. I've already posted three Stooges, and one Iggy Pop solo album. If you're interested in getting those you can check the archive. Let me know if there's a specific album that you need.

x said...

You wanna be adored. I adore you. I adore you.