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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Murder Weapon - Murder Weapon EP

The first record by Murder Weapon, released in 2002, a punk/power pop band from Tennessee. The four songs here are a decent representation of their sound, which was a sort of mix between early pop punk like The Dickies and Simpletones with a little something more sinister at work. Murder Weapon was a three piece with William Van Huss on vocals/guitar, Brad Ward on bass, and "Marquis" Mark Dollar on drums. Catchy songs about Love, Hate, and the Hollow Earth.

Track List:
1. Flaming Creatures
2. Science
3. Symzonia
4. Wages of Sin

Download Murder Weapon - Murder Weapon E.P. (10MB)


Anonymous said...

thanx for this post. nice and catchy songs but , what a cover !!

Anonymous said...

Wow, dewds! I lived in Johnson City, and the first time I dropped lysergic, when I was like 16 or so, was with Brad Ward. Weird times. Now I'm back to crap hole Knoxville. Thanks man!

Anonymous said...

You know, I believe, this is the first blog I have caught from this country, let alone close to me. I live in Crossville now. I use to live in Knoxville. You have reminded me that there was a music scene there I forgot about. Some good sets were played up in club's like 'The Pub', 'Mooses','The Pilot Light'(My Favourite), and many others. And like giimedat, I use to drop and get spun alot myself then. Want to see some awesome music venues, then check out cumberland Ave. in Knoxville, and the ones in Old City. Ciao