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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Sonic's Rendezvous Band - City Slang

Sonic's Rendevous Band was a rock and roll band from Detroit, Michigan in the 1970s, featuring veterans of the 1960s Detroit rock scene. Led by guitarist Fred Sonic Smith, formerly of the MC5, Scott Asheton of the Stooges, SRB featured singer/ songwriter Scott Morgan formerly of the Rationals, a soul-influenced Detroit band of the 1960s, and Gary Rassmussen of the Up.

A master musician who consistently chose to move forward creatively, Fred "Sonic" Smith set an exemplary pace for future music explorers who would follow. After the demise of the MC5, Fred continued to be one of Detroit's most original and prolific performers. The trail blazing music he created with Scott Asheton, Scott Morgan, and Gary Rasmussen easily rivals that of the Five without benefit of trendy counter-cultural trappings and further expands upon the "liberation through high energy" musical philosophy. Someone recently remarked that perhaps Fred never got over the breakup of the Five. This second compilation, together with the Sweet Nothing album, proves that nothing could be further from the truth.

This collection features the original studio recording of "City Slang", digitally restored and remastered, along with a number of never-released live recordings that further document the explosive musical force of
Sonic's Rendezvous Band.

Music writer Edwin Pouncey described "City Slang" as "an urban rocker that comes down like a falling asteroid and explodes like a star being born." Frequently cited as one of the greatest Rock & Roll songs to ever emerge from Detroit, and perhaps Fred "Sonic" Smith's most fully realized work, "City Slang" rivals the best of his recordings with the MC5. At a time when "Skunk (Sonicly Speaking)", "Sister Anne", "Baby Won't Ya", "Over And Over ", "Tonight" and "Shakin' Street" were already well-known testimonials to the songwriting skill of Fred "Sonic" Smith, Sonic's Rendezvous forged the next potent chapter of an already powerful legacy.

Track List:
1. City Slang (1999 Mix)
2. So Sincerely Yours (Bookie's, Detroit 2/3/79)
3. Step by Step (Bookie's, Detroit 2/3/79)
4. Clock With No Hands (Palace Theater, Cleveland 6/23/79)
5. Heaven (Palace Theater, Cleveland 6/23/79)
6. Goin' Bye (Second Chance, Ann Arbor 10/23/79)
7. You're So Great (Bookie's, Detroit 2/3/79)
8. Earthy (Bookie's, Detroit 2/3/79)
9. Thrill 5:12 (Bookie's, Detroit 2/2/79)
10. Detroit Tango (Bookie's, Detroit 2/3/79)
11. Gone With The Dogs (Second Chance, Ann Arbor 10/23/79)
12. Sweet Little Sixteen (Second Chance, Date Unknown)
13. City Slang (Original 1978 Mix)

Download: Sonic's Rendezvous Band - City Slang
Download Size: 93.3MB


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Sonic's Rendezvous Band "Sweet Nothing" 1998


Phibez said...

Is it my imagination or does that guy look like iggy pop?
Thanks for the share !

Zer0_II said...

Thanks a million RYP. You have a great blog. I'll be sure to add a link to your blog on my links list next time I update it.

Daddy Rich said...

I will give this one a listen tomorrow - thanks for the great work Michael.

RYP said...

hey Zer0_II,
thanx for compliment which I like to give it back to you! and thanks for city slang! link to yours is done on Twilightzone!


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Bevis Friend said...

Great review of an absolute masterpiece of legendary garage.Look forward to hearing the other stuff.
Thanks very much.
Seriously appreciated :)
I heard The Hellacopters version of City Slang, one of 5 covers of SRB's material.It's like the original but sounds sharpened, tightened and as if played by Roky Erickson's 'Explosives'.
Like a dropkick kick to the Soul with a burning boot.

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Yikes! Comments about Viagra and Payday Loans? Scary ancient-site Gigasize DL link...that's deader than Drake Levin, anyhoo. References and [dead] linx to the quite-dead OLD Twilight Zone. Do i like typing the word 'dead'?...poking page with a stick and backing away very slowly...Lol...with a smile on my face, i'm requesting a re-up of this CRUCIAL Sonic's Rendezvous collection. It's a long way back in the blog, i know, but hey, you have "City Slang"!!! Howzabout a fresh link and a comments-cleanup? Count me in once i have it/hear it. And thanx, as always!

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