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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Gun Club - The Las Vegas Story

The tragedy of the Gun Club's third album, Las Vegas Story is that it was largely ignored by both critics and fans due to the mixing and mastering disaster that was its predecessor, Miami -- an album that was full of great songs and performances but was so marred by poor sound that it sounded lifeless. Both records were issued by Chris Stein's Animal label. Las Vegas Story was produced by Jeff Eyrich who was just coming off T-Bone Burnett's Proof Through the Night project and was about to enter the studio with both the Plimsouls and Thin White Rope. Its lineup features the return of original guitarist Kid Congo Powers, as well as drummer Terry Graham and new bassist Patricia Morrison (aka Pat Bag) from L.A. punk outfit the Bags. Late frontman /guitarist Jeffrey Lee Pierce was writing feverish rock & roll songs that took their inspiration from Southern blues and West Texas country music all framed by an angular, jagged post-punk energy. The screaming rawness at the heart of the band's debut, Fire of Love, had been replaced by a dry, moaning lonesome, percussion heavy desert sound, space and echo float through the mix like a ghost through Pierce's slide guitar playing. Bass drum and tom-toms fuel the attack with a basic, primitive nocturnal energy. Topics ranged from personal disintegration in "Walkin' With the Beast," and the country-blues-drenched "Eternally Is Here," and the shambolic, two-step country confusion of "My Dreams" that quotes directly from Television's "Marquee Moon" to the disappearance of the nation in "Bad America"'s edgy guitar wrangle. There are a couple of covers on the set tossed right in the center of the album: "The Master Plan," a spooky, brooding, rock read of Pharoah Sanders' and Leon Thomas' "The Creator Has a Master Plan," and a slovenly, funereal version of "My Man's Gone Now," by George and Ira Gershwin from +Porgy and Bess. Las Vegas Story is a provocative record that offers the Gun Club pulled in many directions at once, and though the tension is in evidence on every track, it nonetheless holds together. After Fire of Love, Las Vegas Story is their most satisfying and is, perhaps, the band's most visionary offering. (Year of Release: 1984)

Track List:
1. Las Vegas Story
2. Walkin' With the Beast
3. Eternally Is Here
4. Stranger in Our Town
5. My Dreams
6. Master Plan
7. My Man's Gone Now
8. Bad America
9. Moonlight Motel
10. Give Up the Sum
11. Secret Fires

Download: Gun Club - The Las Vegas Story (53.3MB)


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