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Friday, October 27, 2006

New Bomb Turks - Oh-Boy-Destroy!

Destroy-Oh-Boy! is the kind of full-on flamethrower album that could make the most jaded cynic believe once again in the curative powers of punk rock. On this set, the New Bomb Turks combine 1950s and 1960s roots rock at it's rawest, '70s punk at it's snottiest, and '80s hardcore at it's most intense. Then they filter out what's lame, put the good stuff together, and send it down the track at 150 miles per hour. The results are wild, frantic, and thoroughly enjoyable; Jim Weber's fuzzy guitar communicates nearly as much through the power of downstroke as Johnny Ramone himself, bassist Matt Reber, and drummer Bill Randt push the horsepower into the red with a fury that is a wonder to behold, and Eric Davidson proves he's one of the great frontmen of 90s punk: smart, funny, wise-ass when he wants to be, and possessing a genuine sense of purpose. From the moment they crash into "Born Toulouse-Lautrec," the New Bomb Turks grab your ears and won't let go, and you won't mind a bit. (Year of Release: 1993)

Track List:
1. Born Toulouse-Lautrec
2. Tail Crush
3. Up For The Downslide
4. Tattooed Apathetic Boys
5. Dragstrip Riot
6. We Give A Rat's Ass
7. Runnin' On Go
8. Long Gone Sister
9. Mr. Suit
10. Let's Dress Up The Naked Truth
11. Hapless Attempt
12. I Want My Baby...Dead?!
13. Sucker Punch
14. I'm Weak
15. Tryin' To Get By
16. Cryin' Into The Beer Of A Drunk Man

Download: New Bomb Turks - Oh-Boy-Destroy! (53.5MB)


Fulhamx said...

You've done it again, posting one of the BEST punk rock albums ever!
It's always a pleasure to visit this blog, even if I already have the vinyls or cd's, just to see this stuff get re-promoted to a new generation.
You are a star, keep it up

Ego Kornus said...

Fulhamx is saying a few words i like to say too.
anyway you choose a great album of the new bomb!
great post gracias!!