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Friday, January 25, 2013

Government Issue - Live

Government Issue - Live

I probably don't need to go into too much detail about Government Issue or G.I., as they were often known. They were founding members of the Washington, D.C. hardcore sound, much of their material released on the seminal Dischord Records. Early on their musick was straight forward hardcore. They later progressed into a more melodic song-focused outfit, often with lyrics critical of the short-sighted behavior of the scene they aided in creating. Given the long running nature of the band, many participants in the DC hardcore scene had gone through G.I.'s membership. Government Issue featured Brian Baker of Minor Threat & Bad Religion, as well as Mike Fellows of Rites of Spring along with many others. G.I. became one of the longest-running bands in the DC hardcore scene. After numerous line-up changes, the band broke up in 1989.

Mystic Records Presents: Government Issue Live is a great slab of musick, covering the bands 1982 - 1985 period. Most discographies of Government Issue don't even list this album & I have not found it posted anywhere else. The band at this time consists of: John Stabb - vocals; Tom Lyle - guitar; Marc Alberstadt - drums; & a number of bass players including Lenny Leonard, Rob Moss, Mike Fellows, & Mitch Parker.

Year of Release: 1985
Label: Mystic Records MLP33144
Genre: Hardcore Punk


Side One:
1. Interview
2. Familiar1
3. Time to Escape1
4. The Next Time2
5. Fun & Games2
6. These Boots are Made for Walkin'3
7. Hall of Fame4
8. Reflections5
9. Notch to My Crotch5

Side Two:
1. Interview
2. Hall of Fame 1
3. Understand6
4. Teenager in a Box6
5. G.I.7
6. Hour of One8
7. Dead Dog9
8. Any Final Comments

Interview Side One & final comments Side Two courtesy WCTV, Baltimore, Maryland 1981.
Interview Side Two courtesy WMUC, university of Maryland, Baltimore 1981.

1 King Kong's, Adelphi, Maryland June 21, 1984
2 C.E. Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania February 23, 1985
3 Newton Theater, Washington, D.C. June 24, 1984
4 Upper Deck, Minneapolis, Minnesota August 3, 1983
5 Pierce Hall, Washington, D.C. April 6, 1984
6 Glenmont Recreation Center, Wheaton, Maryland February 25, 1984
7 Wilson Center, Washington, D.C. February 25, 1983
8 Wilson Center, Washington, D.C. October 22, 1982
9 CBGBs, New York City July 30, 1983

Download: Government Issue - Live
Download Size: 66.2MB (ripped from 24 yr. old vinyl at glorious 320Kbps)


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