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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mr. California & the State Police - I'm Gonna Kick You in the Head (2002 - 320kbps)

If the bastard son of Eugene Chadbourne & the Sun City Girls was a one-man punk band, he'd be Mr. California & the State Police. Terry Ryan is Mr. California & the State Police. He's now moved to Cleveland,Ohio but warns everyone not to call him Mr. Ohio. His album Audio Hallucinations is available but good luck finding this here slab, an ultra rare release on cult underground record label PEER PRESSURE ZOMBIE RECORDS.

Armed with a cheap keyboard, a drum machine & a guitar, Mr. California creates a blend of industrial punk mixed with blast beats of thrash & odd interludes, electronic anarchy mixed with a warped sense of humor. Mr. California & the State Police sound like the music of the pre-teen younger brother of someone from Men’s Recovery Project. Fifty-two really short songs in less than 30 minutes with vocals providing insults, childish behavior & other insane ramblings set to a fast beat with distorted guitar. There are songs like "Hot Coffee" that remind me of early Black Flag while tunes like "Pig Eye Poison" (She's a witch [x3]/first she stabs the eye/then she takes the broth/cleans up the mess/cleans up the rest/pig eye poison [x4]/yeah) that remind me of the Sun City Girls heritage. The world should prepare itself for this weapon of mass destruction. Mr. California & the State Police might very well be insane -- or at least attention-deficit . Blistering noise worthy of Lightning Bolt. This is demented no-wave music that flies in the face of all conventions.

This record is pressed on beautiful marbled blue vinyl, the cover has pasted-on silkscreened & spraypainted cover art, totally DIY. Comes with lyric sheet, Please Don't Call Me Poser ("Poser") drawing by Mr. California & a cool sticker. These songs are so short & many run one into the next that I have simply left each side as a single cut (side A tracks 1 - 28, side B 29 - 52). Mr. C says he's gonna kick you in the head, so be forewarned. Enjoy!

Year of Release: 2002
Label: Peer Pressure Zombie
Catalog #:PPZ-003
Genre: Punk, Noise.


Download: Mr. California & the State Police - I'm Gonna Kick You in the Head
Download Size: 68.4MB
(Ripped from pristine vinyl at 320Kbps)


Aesop said...

Mr. California is a monumental douche bag.

Zer0_II said...

Based on your description, this sounds very interesting indeed. That cover is amazing also. Thanks for another great share Nathan.

Zer0_II said...

@Aesop: What makes you say so?


Douche bags by definition should be monumental. Thanks for the the extolment.

Aesop said...

I know him, he's a litigious, whiny, delusional, underhanded, dishonorable, disloyal, petty, lying worm of a man that would fuck his own mother for a nickel.


That makes two of us. I fucked his mother for a nickel.

Anonymous said...

Aesop would love for you to think that his opinion is all that is true and fair . . . but this opinion is coming from a guy who would chose to talk about somebody's Mom that approach that person face to face, instead he would rather talk shit on the internet. Good job asshole!!!

Germicide said...

terry is fuckin awesome he recorded one of my bands demos for me on a four track in a bedroom in Campbell, CA. He was good friends with our drummer too. a pretty insane and awesome dude. rock on terry!

SRL said...

Let the music speak for itself. Who cares if he's an asshole? It's the album that's awesome.

Paddy said...

mr. c ain't no douchebag. he lived with me for a couple years after he moved to cleveland. he's a standup dood and one of my favorite people. check out the CLE band he played guitar in til couple months ago Folded Shirt. GO CRAZY EYES lol amazing. us ohio punks are proud to have him for real. aesop u r clearly a tiny faggot who is full of shit. good luck with that.