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Friday, January 25, 2013

Opal - Northern Line EP

Possibly the final chapter in the Story of O-pal, unless there is hue & cry for the 1981-82 DreamSyndicate prequel or Kendra Smith, the solo years. Opal’s next release was the Northern Line ep. It contains three tracks, but I have included an additional two songs for your listening pleasure, “My Only Friend” & “Harriet Brown”

Year of Release: 1985
Label: One Big Guitar (Serpent / Enigma)
Genre: Alternative / Psychedelic

Side A -
Northern Line
Empty Bottles
Side B -
Soul Giver

Download: Opal - Northern Line ep
Download Size: 53.7


wytchcroft said...

i'll take all the Opal and related music you can throw at me. thanks so much for these! :))

wytchcroft said...

this was always my favourite opal release. sweeeet.


To wytchcroft - I have The Guild of Temporal Adventurers & Five Ways of Disappearing by Kendra & several Mazzy Star releases (though I believe Hope Sandoval's vocals are of a different caliber than Kendra's) if you are interested. Just let me know here.

Anonymous said...

I just found an old piece of paper on which is scrawled five ways of disapearing could youup-load that for me?
awesome blog......


to Anonymous,
Kendra's Five Ways is available around the interweb if you look. It's even available as mp3 download from Amazon, so I won't be posting it. Sorry. We try to only post out of print, rare, or hard to find. If someone like Amazon is selling the mp3 downloads, then the artist is still getting royalties. We try never to infringe on the artists. They have worked too hard on this stuff. We only try to showcase stuff that is no longer being sold.