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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mordant Karma - Devour cassette

In March, 2011, when a massive earthquake caused a devastating tsunami in Japan, I posted a cassette by Karasyozoku entitled Mischievous Sigyn 1923. They are a hard noise band from Japan & this release was on the great Lust Vessel label. At the time I stated that I had other material from Lust Vessel in case anyone was interested. Well, DM founder Zer0_II replied that he would like to hear more, but the request got shuttled to the back burner. As I was re-uploading lost files recently, I noticed his comment. Thought nearly two years later I might just oblige…kinda.

Mordant Karma has released material on Lust Vessel, but Devour was released in 2012 on White Centipede Noise. Mordant Karma is an obscure solo noise project from Japan that started recording in 2008, using home-made metal junk instruments to make nonstop earsplitting feedback. The wall-of-sound from this inhospitable harsh noise is intended to strongly stimulate our libido.

Really a great release from this unknown Japanese project. Multilayered harsh noise paired with annoying, clean feedback, producing "pure" noise, uninfluenced by musical ideas or even human intention, using primarily feedback, vocals, & various electronics.

Year of Release: 2012
Label: White Centipede Noise ‎– WCN011
Genre: Electronic, Noise

Side A: untitled
Side B: untitled

Download: Mordant Karma – Devour (ripped from type II Chrome c32 cassette at 320Kbps)
Download Size: 67.5MB
decryption code in comments




gog said...

If it wasn't for noise records there wouldn't be anything to collect on the internet at all anymore.


to gog,
I'll try posting up some Geography of Hell & Ultimastanza in the near future. Stay tuned. & thanks for the kind words. RRRZZRRGRGRZRGKKK!!!

Zer0_II said...

Thank you for sharing this Nathan. Wow...I must have the worst memory ever, and it really sucks sometimes. I know I listed to the Karasyozoku cassette you posted, but I can't remember a thing about it, or even listening to it at all for that matter. I realize that statement makes little sense, but I will explain. I hope that doesn't offend you NØ , because it shouldn't my friend. I'll take the time to explain why that is, since I never have mentioned this to you or anyone else on the internet before. Also, if you're wondering how I don't remember listening to Karasyozoku, yet somehow know that I did, that is explained below also.

I had a bad car wreck that left a 7" long cut that went all the way to my skull, and stretched from the top of forehead down to the side of my eye. If I hadn't wrecked about a block away from the hospital, I wouldn't be writing this right now. My memory has been fucked up ever since the accident, and there have been MANY days where I can't even remember what I did the day before. Despite the multitude of negative consequences that came from that, it has a few perks.

Sometimes when I hear an album, even one I've listened to a few times before, it is like listening to it for the first time. I suppose that is actually the only perk. That and maybe forgetting about some bad one night stands. The only reason I know I've listened to it is because last.fm keeps a chart of all the music I've played.

Unfortunately, my condition can make it difficult for me to pick out music to share here sometimes.
Sure, there are albums that I consider sacred, and will never forget because I have listened to them so many times. I can't share many of those here though because they are still in print. However, there are countless albums that I bought after heard it once and was impressed, yet may have only played it a couple of times since. I can't even begin to count how many albums like this I have in my collection.

If I didn't mind just throwing up albums without adding any type of review this wouldn't be a problem. That's not my style though, and is the primary reason I am limiting myself to working on albums with dead download links that need to be re-uploaded. I like to take the time to listen to each album that I share several times whenever I am writing a review for it.

I've been wanting to go to a neurologist for some time for this problem. Unfortunately, I don't have insurance at the moment, and all there isn't a resident neurologist at any of the hospitals or organizations that work with people with low-income.

Sorry NØ. I didn't mean to write a book here in the comments section of your post. This might as well have been a spam comment about Viagra though, because I would be surprised if anyone, other than you perhaps, took the time to read it all after taking one look at how long it is.

Anonymous said...

listened to it ..because last.fm keeps a chart of music played

but did you truly hear what you heard first listen? Like much in life, one can see/hear/perceive different things from different perspectives, state of mind, etc, illusions in sight, allusions in sound

hyper-cacaphonic doubleshot of aural caphene, not for delicate ears, thanks, btw, mega provide plugin now for firefox, ezee