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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Saccharine Trust - The Great One is Dead (2001 - 320Kbps)

Since the recent activity geared up here at Digital Meltd0wn, we have been trying out different servers to upload files that hopefully will have a bit of longevity. None of the ones we've tried, Depositfiles, Zippyshare, or FreakShare have been perfect, or even equal to the old days of Mediafire or Rapidshare since the attack perpetrated on Kim Dotcom & MegaUpload. Well, this Saturday, on the one year anniversary of said New Zealand attack, Kim & Company have launched a new Privacy project called Mega. This is the first posting I've done using their new service. Here's hoping...

Saccharine Trust came out of the southern California SST scene that also included bands like Black Flag, SWA, Descendents, October Faction, DC3, Tom Troccoli's Dog & many many more. The band was started by singer Jack Brewer (Jack Brewer Band, Perfect Rat, w/Bazooka, w/Kava) & Joe Baiza (Universal Congress of..., October Faction, Natassya Filippovna, & Unknown Instructors[with Mike Watt & George Hurley of Minutemen fame] in 1980. Original drummer Rob Holzman appeared on their 1981 debut Paganicons but left the band to play in Slovenly & was replaced by drummer Tony Cicero. Many musick luminaries including Kurt Cobain, Buzz Osborne, & Sonic Youth have named Sacchrine Trust as a major influence on their musick. Sonic Youth covered their song "I Am Right" on the SST compilation The Melting Plot.

This CD was only available from Hazelwood Records in Germany & was never released in the US.

Year of Release: 2001
Label: Hazelwood Records
Catalog #: HAZ 015
Genre: Post-hardcore


1. The Sinister Rain
2. Grotian Phraseology
3. The Sadness of Apollo
4. Legends Die Behind the Wheel, at Least
5. Neruda's Wave
6. Birthing the Ancestors
7. Antecedent Satisfaction
8. This is Wilmington
9. Nocturnal Ballets
10. Reggie's Plateau
11. Untitled No.2 (I Gave Another Dimension the Slip)
12. Ordinary Calvinistic
13. Untitled No.1 (The Creative Fluctuation)
14. The Great One is Dead
15. Water on the Dancefloor
16. Against Faustus
17. Resuscitate the Worm
18. Now that You're Dead

Download: Saccharine Trust - The Great One is Dead
Download Size: 105.1MB
Decryption key for download from Mega in comments

Note: To check out this file, get the decryption key from comments. Go to the link site. Enter the decryption code where asked. Check terms agreement. Download. The only issue is with MEGA. Their site does not work with many browsers as they use HTML5. They recommend Google Chrome & provide a download link. You may have to do this, I know that I did. Zer0_II also hipped me to Comodo Dragon browser that is built on the Chromium platform but with no connection to Google. I tried it on MEGA & it works great. FYI.




Jamil P. said...

please, how can i download this file? this link don't work
thank you

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back....I've missed you guys. BTW, first time using new Mega...so far so good. Hopefully it will stay up for awhile.


Anyone having problems with this, see note at bottom of post. & let us know, please. We're trying this out. Seems like it worked for Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

no, does not work, filename & size appears on mega page - encrypt key does do something BUT will NOT start download, keeps forcing update to latest Flash player ???wtf??? then after that tries to force Google Chrome (CHRAPware) saying

"Warning: Your browser is too old to download a file this large."

REALLY, Firefox can't handle a 105mb file ??WTF?? been doing it fine for years


Yes, it does work fine, but as I said in the note, MEGA recommends Google Chrome. They use HTML5 & while all the browsers say their latest versions are HTML5 compatible, they aren't. Firefox 18 does not work. Opera 12.12 works sometimes. These are the only three I've tried. I don't use Internet Exploder. If you don't want to install Google Chrome, then you'll have to search elsewhere for this file. I am tired of continually upload to server after server only to have my hard work disappear into the aethernet. All old posts are being uploaded to zippyshare or depositfiles for now. Any new post that I personally put up will be stored on MEGA. What you do about it is entirely up to you. I am not trying to get anyone to commit to Google Chrome. I am only trying to insure the longevity of my freely given time & musick. This is only a TEST!!!

Anonymous said...

bullshit why sponsor google?


to Anonymous,

I think we've beaten this dead horse enough. If you don't want to use Google Chrome, then don't. If you have problems with MEGA, you can contact them at their site. Otherwise...don't know what to tell you.

Zer0_II said...

I don't want to force anyone to use a browser they don't wish to use. Although I use Google Chrome as my primary browser, I can understand why some don't wish to support Google. I find the "pre-downloading," for lack of a better term, on Mega to be rather odd. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of the new service. If necessary, I will download all of the albums that NØ posts, and then re-upload them to Adrive or Zippyshare. I just discovered Adrive a few days ago. It's the only file host I know of where the download starts immediately upon clicking the link and arriving at the download page. I don't believe there is a limit on the amount of files you can download during a set time period either, although I need to test it further to be sure. Nathan, would you be willing to give Adrive a try? I'm downloading all of the albums you post, so if the download links ever die in the future I can help to re-upload the albums you have posted also.


hey Zer0,

The Comodo Dragon browser you suggested work great on MEGA. Another viable option as it is lifetime freeware.

Jamil P. said...

I'm downloading with IE10 and it's ok!


to Jamil P,
thanks for letting me know. that's one more viable way to use MEGA. maybe the haters will lighten up a little more.