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Friday, January 25, 2013

Ojorojo - Can You Keep Your Sanity

When I was still doing EAT POOP! ‘zine in San Jose, a lot of my friends were crusters. We would go to great house parties in West Oakland & see Filth, Jack Acid, Primus, Grimple, Ojorojo & many more that went on to fame or down to infamy. Grunt (guitar & vocals) gave me this record at one of Ojorojo’s gigs.

One of the truly great proponents of crust, Ojorojo used a female/male vocal interplay that really gave them their edge. Members of Ojorojo shared duties in or were once members of other East Bay bands like: Grimple; Econochrist; plus more; & Jenean, the incredible female vocalist screamed for a similarly great band called Multi Facet. In the world of crust, Ojorojo are one of the best. The song “Caged” is punk as fuck.

The band only released this one full length (although they appear on several compilations) can you keep your sanity on East Bay Menace, consisting of 14 hardcore crust paeans. It's a scorcher of an album, as brutal as hell. There are some truly catchy guitar riffs with liberal helpings of sonic squelch & swampy doom. It also contains some great sampling from the movieTHX-1138.

I’ve seen this posted before once or twice in the past, I believe, but it was always the cd version which is missing two songs from this, the original vinyl release. Album contains 17“ x 22“ black & white poster & lyric sheet.

Ojorojo is: Jenean - vocals; Grunt - guitar & vocals; Jon - guitar & vocals; Mark - bass; & Ira - drums. Recorded at Canyon Studios in April 1997, engineered by Mark LeMaire, front cover by Pete Inc., poster by Josh Frizzle.

Year of Release: 1997
Label: East Bay Menace EBM008
Genre: Crust punk

Side Ojorojo:
Broken World
Trapped Inside
Choking on What’s Real
The Sheep

Side East Bay Menace:
No Hope
Fuck Me
A Show of Force
To Have Not
(because there are no song breaks between songs 1-4 Side A & between songs 2-3 & 5-6 Side B, I have included both the split & run-together versions, as you wish)

Download: Ojorojo - can you keep your sanity
Download Size: 126MB (ripped at 320Kbps from prisine vinyl)


Arthur Rambo said...

This is great! It takes me back to a simpler, crustier time... Thank you


They were indeed crustier, simpler times. Glad you're enjoying this. Crust on.

Anonymous said...

San Jose Crusties!? where are they now? I only know a handfull of kids that are crusites now. do you still live in the bay?


To anon,
I'm living in Sacramento, but damn do I miss Bike for Beer!

jenean said...

the guitar player's name is Grant, not Grunt. it's fun to see this stuff up.

mokey said...

file is gone! i was sooo pumped. re up when you get a chance? thanks for the tumes

totally badical said...

bought this in davis and saw a dub session with jenean not singing (she was sick). el dopa also was at this show. 97 maybe?

totally badical said...

amazing album, the poster was cool, i still have it. saw them when jenean was sick in davis with eldopa.