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Friday, January 25, 2013

Opal - Early Recordings Vol. II

Seems there are quiet a few people enjoying the early Opal tracks. Thought I'd post up some more that are not readily available. These recordings are from the early days of Opal, same time frame as the previous, 1983 - 1987. They were never released on any official Opal project. The sound quality is less than perfect, having been taken from various tape sources, but this set contains some great tracks, songs like "Sailing Boats". Also Kendra's take on the Leonard Cohen song "Sisters of Mercy" is a must-hear. This particular upload has been remastered & recorded at 320Kbps, so it should be a valuable addition to Opal fans. Enjoy.

Year of Release: 2006???
Label: Bootleg
Genre: Indie, Alt-Psychedelic


My Canyon Memory
Sisters of Mercy
Sailing Boats
Lisa's Funeral
This Town
Freight Train
Little Bit of Rain
What You've Done
Cherry Jam
Indian Summer

Download: Opal - Early Recordings Vol, II
Download Size: 119.1MB


Anonymous said...

I've never seen this before - Indian Summer is the only Opal track I recognize on this album. Thanks for this post.

Ryan Shepard said...

Thanks so much for this - had no idea this material even existed.


To anonymous & Ryan,
You are both most welcome. Rare Opal indeed. & I believe this is a different version of "Indian Summer".
Glad you're enjoying this.

Anonymous said...

It's me again, the first anonymous poster. I've been listening to this a lot over the past couple days. This is a great collection of songs. Just want to say thanks again, now that I've had the chance to hear it.

Anonymous said...

My Canyon Memory was performed by The Rain Parade on their first trip and you can hear it here: http://neglectedstairways.blogspot.com/2007/05/rain-parade-live-1983-milwaukee-direct.html

wytchcroft said...

i don't remember ever hearing most of these tracks - thanks for posting, you've made me very happy!!:)))

Jim Allen said...

Thank you! Vol. 1 is among my all time faves!

Paul Durango said...

hi friend,

must HAVE to check this blog of yours tomorrow.... sounds supa! - thx for the kind words about mine and take care.



To all who have commented & enjoyed the Opal posts, thanks. If anyone is interested, I could probably post some more Opal...I have the first two eps. Let me know if there is any interest, I'll see what I can do.

Anonymous said...

please, please post more Opal/ Clay Allison. i never knew these vol. 2 recordings existed. i did a search to see if any of their music had been digitized and almost died when i saw there was a vol. 2 of Early Recordings. i've had both official l.p.s since they came out and was so happy to get to hear this and both of those on my computer. pretty ahead of the times with the cover songs: Elizabeth Cotten (freight train) and Fred Neil(Little Bit of Rain).


tangledblue3 said...

WTF man. I've validated my email account twice and it still tells me every time that it hasn't happened yet. How do I get this or should I look elsewhere?


to shiningrobes,

Have received great response to the Opal posts so as to your request, I have both the 1984 Fell from the Sun & 1985 Northern Line eps which I will try to post up this week-end.

Clay Allison only released one 7" in 1983 "Fell from the Sun" b/w "All Souls" & the track "Freight Train" on a 1986 U.K. compilation.

Many of the songs on the eps cover the same territory as the Early Recordings, with the exception of "Soul Giver" off the NL ep which is on the Happy Nightmare album, though a different version.

After that, I'm plum out unless I can dig up some live Opal somewhere.

Thanks SR


To tangledblue3,
Is your comment in reference to downloading this musick?
If it is, you don't need open an account or provide an e-mail account to download from ifile.
Simply select the Opal- Early Recordings Vol. II were it says Download. This will take you to the ifile page. Slightly left of center top you will see request download ticket. Simply select that option & it will shortly say download (as soon as the download is ready), then select download & there ye be.
If this is not about download problem, then be more specific.

Anonymous said...

Great post! Thanks for the great music!

Mike C. said...

hello, can anyone confirm that this ebay acetate is actually Clay Allison? the Capitol label seems suspect and not sure about these song titles. Early Recordings is incredible and I am enjoying Early Recordings II as i type


No way to be absolutely sure about something as rare as an original acetate, but the songs are legit & the rest of the items the same seller is offering would lead one to believe they have some rare finds. Nothing quite as 'rare' as this however. Since it's on ebay, you have a good chance of covering your ass refund wise if it ain't the real deal. That said...$199!!!

Anonymous said...

This is so awesome. Really appreciate you posting this.