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Friday, January 25, 2013

Opal - Fell from the Sky EP

So the Story of O-pal nears its climax with the first of two eps released by Opal in the mid-80s. First is the four song Fell from the Sun ep. I have listed the tracks as they are on the ep, but have included the bonus track, “Hear the Wind Blow”.

Year of Release: 1984
Label: Rough Trade
Genre: Alternative / Psychedelic

Side A -
Grains of Sand
Fell from the Sun
Side B -
All Souls

Download: Opal - Fell from the Sun ep
Download Size: 53.4MB


Zer0_II said...

I'm really enjoy these Opal albums, especially the Early Recordings. Thank you for making them all available here. If you would be willing to share some related material that would be great, but I'm also eager to see what else you have in your collection to share here. Thanks once again.

Unknown said...

Any chance in uploading Happy Nightmare Baby. Been trying to chase a copy but its super overpriced. Would appreciate so much.


to Ricky,
Have to dig out the record & rip it.
Should be able to upload it tomorrow.


to Ricky,

Sorry it took a few days longer than I said. Some things came up
& I didn't get back to this until the week-end.
Here you go:
Opal - Happy Nightmare Baby