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Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Saints - (I'm) Stranded

(I’m) Stranded has all the intense purity of a band hell bent on making a racket. From the first anthematic chorus of “(I’m) Stranded” to the last blistering chords of closing track “Nights in Venice,” this cheaply recorded album crackles with a contagious energy almost entirely missing from today’s super-produced punk records. This rough and raw record is so unstoppable that even its pair of ballads, “Messin’ With the Kid” and “Story of Love,” do nothing to slow it down. If anything, these two songs add nuance and balance to the hard-fast set, with Kuepper’s mean blues-drenched guitar (“Messin’ With the Kid” pretty much lifts the opening riff from the Rolling Stones’ “Sway”) and Bailey’s youthfully snarled lyrics of discontent making them quintessential punk laments.

Everything about this album is iconic. From the front cover – the band posing in front of the fireplace of a decrepit Paddington house – to the wonderfully fuzzy production, and of course, the songs themselves. The album was recorded in two breakneck days by frontman Chris Bailey in 1977, resulting in a style described in the liner notes as "so primal it should have been carrying a club".

Perhaps one of the most important and timeless albums to emerge from the less-than-encouraging cultural surrounds of Brisbane in the ‘70s, (I’m) Stranded provides as much social commentary as it does fantastic music. (Year of Release: 1977)

Track List:
1. (I'm) Stranded
2. One Way Street
3. Wild About You
4. Messin' With The Kid
5. Erotic Neurotic
6. No Time
7. Kissin' Cousins
8. Story Of Love
9. Demolition Girl
10. Night In Venice
11. Lipstick On Your Collar [*]
12. River Deep Mountain High [*]

[*] Bonus Tracks

Download: The Saints - I'm Stranded (48.1MB)


Anonymous said...

thanx for this post. you have a good blog and i don't have enough time to listen to all these records .... ;-)

Slobodan Burgher said...

Love this record.